Manage identities, entitlements and credentials with Bravura Identity, Bravura Pass and Bravura Privilege.

Bravura Security Fabric

Bravura Security Fabric is the market's only single-platform solution that combines Identity Management, Privileged Access and Password Management. It streamlines and secures the management of identities, security entitlements and credentials across systems and applications, on-premises and in the cloud. Organizations deploy the Bravura Security Fabric to strengthen controls, meet regulatory and audit requirements, improve IT service and reduce IT operating costs.

Bravura Identity

Manage digital identities across platforms with one identity governance product. Get market-leading cybersecurity protection with simplified and automated access configurations. Institute a zero-trust framework and Role Based, Policy Based and Attribute Based access control strategy that aligns your data and identity governance strategies with practical execution.

Bravura Identity is the ideal solution for managing identities, accounts, groups, attributes, roles and security entitlements. Our cloud identity and access management (IAM) products offer:

  • Automation from SoR (System of Record).
  • Request portal.
  • Approval workflow.
  • Access certification.
  • Roles, SoD (Segregation of Duties) policy.
  • Analytics.

Common uses for the Bravura Identity platform and our Identity as a Service (IDaaS) cloud application include:

  • Granting birthright access: Establish and finalize digital identities with federated features and role-based access conforming to company protocols.
  • Modifying access privileges: Approve, adjust or reinstate permissions with one simple interface and automated workflows.
  • Conduct access reviews: Review credentials and access privileges quickly by extracting user-level reporting.
  • Monitoring anomalies: Get alerts for nonconforming activity or irregular access attempts to enforce existing policies.
  • Deprovisioning: Retire user identities and credentials promptly to limit the risk of system access.
  • Automating the user life cycle: Optimize with PAM automation to eliminate redundancies and manual processes that can lead to human error. You'll also gain operational efficiencies through streamlined workflows that support your security policies.

Bravura Privilege

Protect information and competitive advantage with privileged access management (PAM) tools from Bravura Security. Generate random passwords and shield them from view. Initiate traceable system sessions automatically with credentials injected automatically from an encrypted vault.

Today's data security challenges reinforce our belief that all access should be privileged. Lower your institutional risk and control access to passwords on administrator, service and embedded accounts with features like:

  • Randomized passwords.
  • Credential vault.
  • Auto-launch admin logins.
  • Session monitoring.
  • Strong biometric passwordless authentication options trusted by the world's largest financial institutions. 
  • Authorization policies that can enforce policy-based, role-based and attribute-based access control models. 

Typical uses for our PAM solution include:

  • Reinforcing security principles: Strengthen your security posture with PAM controls for least privileged access and a zero-trust framework. These controls reduce your risks of attacks and malware introduction by decreasing possible system entryways.
  • Tracking and recording access sessions: Resolve incidents faster and streamline compliance with privileged session tracking. Monitoring confidential data access with PAM tools also allows visibility into data use.
  • Securing access for remote workers and third-party users: Extend PAM controls over remote and third-party access to enforce compliance with your security protocols. Maintaining consistency with privileged access reduces your potential for a data breach through higher-risk endpoints.

Bravura Pass

Simplify password management and create a better user experience with Bravura Pass. Give your team self-service tools to recapture idle time as they wait for IT resolution. Maximize data security while enjoying complete transparency across your entire tech stack.

Manage passwords, tokens, smart cards, certificates and security questions with features and benefits like:

  • Self-service password reset and account unlock.
  • Help desk assisted scenarios.
  • Password/PIN reset.
  • Pre-boot unlock to reset secondary authentication methods enforced at startup for encrypted hard disks.
  • Industry-leading passwordless authentication complying with Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards.

Standard benefits of Bravura Pass include:

  • Securing access with multifactor authentication: Configure your system for extra protection by combining a user's knowledge with biometrics, tokens or other challenges.
  • Lowering IT requests and costs: Ease the burden on IT staff with self-service tools for resetting credentials and unlocking accounts. Voice-based password reset supports users of all abilities, and integration with existing help desk systems reduces IT costs through automation.
  • Creating a better experience for end users: Synchronize passwords and implement SSO capabilities or other federated identity management for simplicity.

Bravura Safe

Centrally, consistently and securely manage decentralized secrets and passwords. Bravura Safe is a proactive measure against weak and unmanaged passwords. The platform complements your existing policies and password management solutions for a stronger security posture. Foster accountability with complete visibility and management controls.

Features and benefits of Bravura Safe include:

  • Auto-generate strong passwords.
  • Simplify secret and password storage.
  • Improve employee cybersecurity hygiene.
  • Safely send sensitive content.
  • Zero Knowledge encrypted repository.
  • Easy-to-use app interface.

Ideal applications are:

  • Encrypted sending: Our technology prevents data leakage by transmitting an encrypted URL to the recipient, helping you support responsible and secure information exchange.
  • Password strengthening: Generate complex passwords or upgrade existing ones automatically. Bravura Safe also alerts users when passwords are weak or potentially compromised.
  • File storing: Aggregate sensitive files in an encrypted repository for high-level data protection. Our platform is a centralized, secure storage resource for more transparency and efficient management.
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Bravura OneAuth

Create faster, more secure and more enjoyable user authentication with Bravura OneAuth. This solution allows your company to go passwordless while hardening its data and networks against ever-changing cyber threats.

Use Bravura OneAuth to:

  • Decrease the time spent on authentication by up to 300% with biometric or mobile multifactor authentication tools.
  • Collaborate with your existing identity providers, like Ping, Microsoft and Okta.
  • Get built-in phishing resistance with a track record of excellence.
  • Lessen password reset requests to your help desk team.
  • Lower your overall IT security costs through fewer incident response expenses.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Bravura Security Fabric

Lower IT costs while upping productivity and operational efficiency. Get the industry's only complete answer for dynamic resource entitlement access management. Enjoy end-to-end cybersecurity, IAM and privileged access management in one powerful solution.

The comprehensive Bravura Security Fabric is a premier choice among cloud identity and access management products for:

  • Scalability.
  • Virtual directory products.
  • IT cost control.
  • Accessibility.
  • Flexibility.
  • Risk reduction.

Advantages of SaaS Bravura Security Fabric include:

  • Safeguarding data and access across platforms: With over 100 connectors, Bravura Security Fabric reduces risk on modern systems and legacy applications.
  • Protecting privileged information: Our PAM technology helps you secure intellectual property, confidential data and administrator-level accounts.
  • Accommodating a geographically diverse workforce: Cloud-based access creates a centralized resource and real-time information, no matter where your team members and data reside.
  • Eliminating IT team fatigue: With automation and self-service tools, your IT team can focus on other business strategies to drive growth and revenue.
  • Easing deployment challenges: All components of the Bravura Security Fabric work together, so changes on one vertical automatically reflect in others.

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