Bravura Cloud

Be a real-time master of your security ecosystem.

Transform Your Security Data and Ecosystem with a Cloud-Native Solution

Magnify security access and demonstrate full compliance in persistently evolving security, data and ecosystems.

An Open and Converged Platform Fueled by Discoverability

Get the insight and protection that only an open service can provide fueled by discoverability across converged identity, password governance, and privileged access, ensuring only the right people have the right access at the right time to maximize your organization’s security against attacks. Be a real-time master of your security ecosystem by magnifying security access and demonstrating full compliance with Bravrua Cloud in persistently evolving environments.

Staff analyzing Bravura Cloud

Bravura Cloud Security Processes

Gain complete insight into your security ecosystem. Conduct a swift and thorough examination of your current environment, uncovering concealed vulnerabilities and deriving actionable security solutions. Produce comprehensive reports to elevate your security stance and align with compliance requirements. Bravura Cloud harnesses your data to construct models for rapid real-time analysis, utilizing a vast collection of REST API endpoints to ensure seamless connectivity, uphold security throughout your organization, and demonstrate compliance to auditors. 


Unlock visibility into your data and your environment and understand what currently exists​.

  • Compliance rules
  • Risk scoring
  • Bring your own detection strategies

User Experience and Visualization

Visualize your environment. Both good and bad. 

  • Rich dashboards
  • Bring your own Business Insight tools like Tableau, Power BI, Excel, and more

Enable Insight to Action

Respond with tools aligned to your needs.

  • Notify people via email, chat, text, and more
  • Create service tickets
  • Leverage functions-as-a-service (FaaS)  
  • Bring your own tools

Bravura Cloud Modules

Our platform offers a set of modules to empower your security and enhance your security posture. 

Security Data Engine

Conceptual functional capability of the platform that is responsible for getting all your Bravura Security and third-party data applications into the repository. 

Password Governance

Enhance your identity security by systematically managing rules and practices for creating, securing, and managing passwords to safeguard data, comply with regulations, and maintaining the security and trustworthiness of your organization's digital assets.

Centralized Entitlements

Manage and control access permissions and privileges from a single, central authority to strengthen security, ensure consistency and efficiency in access management, provide visibility for auditing and monitoring, mitigate risks, support scalability, enable quick responses to change, and adhere to compliance requirements.

Just-In-Time Access

Provide users with temporary, on-demand permissions only when needed, reducing security risks and ensuring access aligns with immediate tasks to reduce the attack surface, mitigate insider threats, improve compliance, streamline operations, and provide your organization with the agility needed to adapt to changing access requirements.

Identity Behavioural Monitoring

Analyze user actions and patterns to detect anomalies or suspicious behavior for enhanced security and threat detection to proactively identify and mitigate security threats, including insider threats and unauthorized access to maintain a robust security posture, comply with regulations, and respond effectively to security incidents. 


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— Senior Security Manager in the Services Industry (Company size: 50M - 250M USD)

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"Implementation was successful and a solid solution for the targets implemented."

— Compliance Remediation Ops Support Manager (Company size: < 50M USD)

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