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Our products deliver results, but we don't want you to have to take our word for it. Bravura Security's content library is home to carefully cultivated research built up through years of experience. This collection of datasheets gives you new insights into our work. Here, you can explore our findings and see the numerical data that shows our results in black and white.

Take your time exploring the depths of our datasheets and see how our products perform. You can learn more about each of them below and decide whether your brand would benefit from adding them to your workflow.

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Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass
Financial Services

Compliance is the goal of nearly all privacy and internal controls in financial services. But compliance is just the start.

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
Build a Solutions-Driven Culture with a Modern Identity

Where competing IT priorities and limited resources hang in a delicate balance, you have to invest where you'll see the biggest impact. Digital identity, connecting students and staff to information that builds knowledge, is an opportunity for pivotal efficiency gains.

Bravura Privilege
Privileged Access in the Healthcare Market

An essential tool in the effort to secure access to critical healthcare systems is privileged access management. With this, administrative and other accounts with elevated privileges have their passwords periodically randomized. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), robust authorization policies and access audit logs ensure that access is business-appropriate and users are accountable for their actions.

Bravura Identity

Bravura Identity brings new automated security measures to your entire web presence. This software streamlines workflow by identifying who has access to various data and websites. Your most trusted departments and staff members can automate access to various users based on requests, information chances and other guidelines. 

With Bravura Identity, you'll be able to monitor these clearances and adjust them at will through a streamlined and customizable dashboard. This dashboard can also help you analyze trends and identify areas where you can tighten security measures. Our identity management datasheets will help you see how these features work in real situations.

Bravura Pass

Our password management datasheets highlight Bravura Pass, our leading tool in password authentication. The modern sign-on requires more than a simple password — it demands additional authentication measures, like biometrics and security questions. And while having a different password for every site is recommended, most people cannot be bothered to remember more than a few variations.

Enter Bravura Pass. This software offers a centralized, encrypted location to generate and store login information for dozens of websites. This solution has helped many of our clients reduce IT costs while improving online security.

Bravura Privilege

As staff grows and evolves, keeping track of who knows what and who can access your most sensitive information can be a challenge. Bravura Privilege helps you take control of these settings in real time. Monitor access to sensitive information, set up new password security measures and track changes in datasets, all from one dashboard.

These Privileged Access Management (PAM) security datasheets provide vast information about how Bravura Privilege enhances authentication measures and gives you more options to manage access levels among your employees.

Bravura OneAuth

Passwordless logins are the new standard in online security, and Bravura OneAuth's leading technology is the best way for you to get started. Enhance your online security measures and improve the experience for users by giving them less to remember and better ways to keep their information safe.

Bravura Cloud

Manage all your security measures through Bravura Cloud, your comprehensive application for security monitoring and adjusting. Integrate your newest solutions and take action when you need to, whether you're in the office or out.

Bravura Safe

How many passwords do you have to remember? With Bravura Safe, you can decrease that number to one. This encrypted storage system holds all your unique passwords and makes it easier and faster for you to access your information anywhere on the internet.

Bravura Security Fabric

Bravura Security Fabric is our one-platform solution for identity management, password protection and site accessibility. Experience improved security posturing and Application Access Governance (AAG) capable of protecting enterprises, corporations and institutions of every size.

Find Numerical Proof in Our Datasheets

Our datasheets are only the beginning of the experience we'll share with you when you choose Bravura Security as your identity and security technology provider. Each one of our products targets a different area of cybersecurity and protection. Together, they make up a comprehensive strategy for taking care of your employees, clients and all their data.

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