Professional services from Bravura Security, including system design and implementation.

In addition to industry-leading products, Bravura Security offers design, implementation, consulting and training services to our customers. Bravura Security solution delivery services rely on a standard methodology, optimized over hundreds of enterprise-scale identity and access management (IAM) deployments. Our methodology replaces expensive consulting with pre-configured product configuration wherever possible, enabling Bravura Security to deliver the lowest-cost IAM deployments on the market.

Bravura Security services are delivered on Time and Materials providing an initial estimate of service days with contingency upfront in a simple Statement of Work (SOW). Once commercial terms are complete, the services team will engage in detailed discovery to capture requirements and deliverables in a detailed solution design document. The Services team includes a full compliment of resources to ensure the success of your project from start to finish, including Project Manager, Principal Architect, Solution Architect and Systems Integrator.

Bravura Security takes pride in our track record with medium to large deployments, attested to by our many satisfied, referenceable customers. Our services staff bring significant technological expertise, product knowledge and implementation experience to each engagement.

Utilizing the Bravura Security solution delivery methodology ensures rapid deployment and high user adoption. The Bravura Security solution delivery team works closely with customers from project inception to full production deployment to ensure success. Once in production, the Bravura Security technical support team takes over, providing high-quality, responsive assistance to all live installations.


Our advisory services are ideal for customers at any point along their security enhancement journey.

These services include the following:

Strategic Technical Advisor

Bravura Security's IAM experts are ready to help you protect your data and maintain compliance. We use our decades of experience to provide our customers with advice and strategies for deployment and post-implementation support.

Program Planning and Oversight

At Bravura Security, we oversee numerous IAM project plans and deployments to solve unique business needs with end-to-end solution design and delivery. We'll help you with the original concept design and collaborate on your identity and access management implementation plan to produce innovative solutions that drive success and value.


Professional Services

Our professional services are tailored to fully managed projects. Customers who are just starting security improvements or prefer an end-to-end approach benefit from these services:

group of students with teacher in computer lab classrom learrning lessons,  get help and support


Shorten time to value with comprehensive deployment support from an expert team. As part of our professional services, we'll help with platform installation, configuration and integration so you can see results faster.

Flipping the switch and going live is one of the most exciting parts of adding new tools to your tech stack — but it's not the end. You may need to resolve a few challenges for a seamless and effective transition. To ensure success, our expert team provides post-implementation support.

Depending on your needs, we can provide:

  • Assistance with developing the post-implementation support plan.
  • Post-project retrospective.
  • Transition support and documentation.
  • Collaboration with your in-house staff to address issues.

We also provide ongoing technical support for our Bravura Security suite of tools. You can reach us by phone or email for technical assistance. Plus, we can act as an extension of your in-house incident response professionals with emergency incident support around the clock.


At Bravura Security, we understand your business's daily work demands on its technology resources. You need software that's stable and secure yet agile enough to respond to growth and process improvements. It would be best if you also had applications and environments that meet your workflow challenges head-on while ensuring a good end-user experience.

We can help you achieve it all with our upgrade and modification services.

As part of these services, our experts handle modifications of existing deployments, including:

  • Upgrades and migrations.
  • Adding new target systems.
  • Refreshing integrations when target or other systems have changed.
  • User interface customization.
  • Business logic changes.
  • Customizations.

End-to-End Projects

Our experts have experience with every phase of identity governance and administration (IGA) deployments.

We'll lend our expertise to your most strategic and crucial project management points, including:

  • Identity management readiness assessments: In-depth understanding is essential to deployment success. We'll help you assess your organizations readiness for an IAM project including an assessment of business processes, skillsets, team, and overall stakeholder buy-in.
  • Rollout planning: Once you've completed the initial assessments, it's time to create a rollout strategy. Our experts will help you with scheduling, quality control and more.
  • User adoption and communication plans: Every business has a spectrum of users, from early adopters to those who remain resistant to change for as long as possible. We'll help you develop a plan to increase the adoption rate and introduce the value and benefit of new tools.

The Bravura Security solution delivery group offers a range of other project management services to customers, including:

  • Business Analysis and planning.
  • Requirements gathering, definition and documentation.
  • Project Planning, tracking and reporting.
  • Risk analysis and mitigation.
  • Issue management, reporting and remediation.
  • Migration planning and documentation.
  • Assistance with production rollout of the solution.

Expert Services

Our expert services are best for customers who need technical expertise to help move along their IAM projects or programs.

These services include the following:

Full-Time Equivalent or Retainer-Based Expert Assistance

Our expert team offers support for your IAM enterprise deployment. Choose to receive our assistance on a full-time equivalent (FTE) for a long-term tenure or retainer basis for short-term projects.

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Private Cloud Service

Our Managed IAM is ideal for businesses that aren't quite ready for Identity as a Service (IDaaS) but want expert oversight of their IAM platform. As part of this service, you'll work with the Bravura Security team for end-to-end administration.

Our professionals handle:

  • Server health monitoring: We'll track your system's vitals with real-time indicators to maximize your performance and resource allocation.
  • Problem resolution: While you'll have a single point of contact for troubleshooting, our experts will work as a team to identify and remediate issues.
  • Minor integration and system configuration changes: We can help you improve existing business logic and offer recommendations for optimizing your system.
  • Security patches and upgrades: We'll keep your system up to date for access to the latest features and protection against security risks.
  • Reports: You'll stay in the know with regular feedback about your system's unique use, issues and vulnerabilities.

Health Checks

Bravura Security can improve your risk management and compliance with health checks. We will test your network to understand your current protections and identify vulnerabilities. Our experts will create a risk management program with your team to reduce your security exposure while protecting your data.

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IAM Enterprise Deployments for Bravura Security Fabric

Bravura Security Fabric is the only solution that blends privileged access, identity management and password management into one straightforward platform. This comprehensive technology encompasses our best-in-class tools, including:


Bravura Security Fabric is available as an on-premise solution or as a cloud-based option.

With identity management as a service, you enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, including:

  • High scalability to respond to business growth.
  • Convenient, secure access from any connected device.
  • A centralized resource with real-time insights.
  • Lower upfront investments.


As part of our implementation services, you get:

  • A dedicated team of deployment specialists to collaborate with you on installation and integration.
  • Access to our entire knowledge base across IT specialties.
  • Identity cloud support services for guidance on best practices and advice on preventing common issues.

Post-Deployment Services Overview

Our team of IAM experts is also available to help with post-deployment solutions, including:

  • Application installation integration and migration services.
  • Managed IAM.
  • Support and training.

Training for Product Administrators

Bravura Security proudly offers in-depth training for our Bravura Security Fabric and its related components. Our customer training courses are ideal for those with background skills in systems administration. Learners start with the overall Bravura Security Fabric concepts and common elements before diving into product-specific courses for Bravura Identity, Bravura Pass and Bravura Privilege.

Each of our courses is:

  • Self-paced: Grow skills quickly or take more time to absorb the material.
  • Convenient: Choose from two start dates each month.
  • Scalable: Sign up new team members as part of your onboarding process.
  • Practical: Enjoy a familiar virtual machine atmosphere during learning.

Certification options are also available for those who want or need them.

All services are delivered on Time and Materials.

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Partner Services

Services can also be provided through our network of certified partners. We require them to complete certification through our comprehensive courses and a step-by-step pathway. All Bravura Security partners are fully trained and qualified to provide high-quality implementation and support services. Bravura Security collaborates closely with our service partners to ensure they have the required access to Bravura Security's extensive technical and implementation knowledge base. Once Bravura Security Fabric is deployed, you can rely on long-term, in-depth customer product support.

Browse our network of expert partners to find the ideal one for you.

Contact Us for End-to-End Identity and Access Management Solution Deployment

Whether you're just beginning to explore your IAM readiness solutions or are further along in the journey, we can help. Join our growing family of satisfied customers by discovering more about our expert services.

Connect with a specialist online to get started.


Thank you very much for all of the wonderful support that Bravura Security have given us over the years, especially during our most recent upgrade. I have found that Bravura Security is one of the best companies that I have had the pleasure of dealing with during my career.

— Satisfied Customer

Ovum identified key capabilities of identity management vendors and products, to help organizations select the most appropriate solutions. Decision factors included technology, reputation, market presence and customer service.

— as stated in the 2010 Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity and Access Management Vendor released by Ovum

The Ovum report included coverage of Bravura Security, as well as a number of larger IAM vendors. While larger vendors, such as IBM, CA, Novell and Oracle, have larger market share, Ovum recommended Bravura Security as a 'vendor to consider' based on both an extensive and well integrated solution set and excellent customer service.

— as stated in the 2010 Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity and Access Management Vendor released by Ovum

Bravura Security has been the surprise find of this research exercise, and in the Customer Sentiment dimension the vendor leaves its much larger peers far behind. There is no Customer Sentiment dimension in which the vendor is not represented as a leader, which is truly remarkable.

— as stated in the 2010 Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity and Access Management Vendor released by Ovum

Your product has really been working superbly and a lot of it has to do with your support team. It's often said, when purchasing an application it's just not how the application works but, the support that's provided. Your agent is a perfect example of this. Many times I've called on your team for assistance and everyone is always been willing to assist no mater how technical the problem. So again, thanks so much for your excellent continued support!

— Steve A.

I called your tech support last night and one of the first things he told me was that his shift was over 3 minutes before I called. An hour later he was still on the phone with me helping me resolve my issues. While resolving the call he showed superior technical expertise, and exceptional dedication. I've worked in I.T. for 15 years and never written accolades to the supervisor of any other tech support person I've dealt with. Please forward my thanks.

— Erich D.

I have to say that you guys continue to surpass my expectations in the support department. I had a production issue yesterday and your agent spent the time and had the patience to deal with me and my issue. He knew exactly what the problem was and helped me resolve it in an efficient manner.

— Mike M.

I just wanted to let you know that every time I have ever had to call Bravura Security for product support, your people are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I never have to waste any time with you guys. I always have a great experience when working with your support team.

— Mike S.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work your team is doing. I manage many servers with many different applications and I have never had such consistently fabulous support from any other vendor. You and your team are doing a great job!

— Becki G.

Would you please forward on to your management my thanks to your support office for the GREAT help I got this morning. I was very impressed with the speed, professionalism and knowledge.

— David K.

Your agent greatly exceeded my expectations and we avoided an extended outage due to her skills and patience.

— Mike M.

M-Tech's technical support was impressive. Our questions were handled rapidly and as a priority. I have worked with many vendors in my 15 years in IT and M-Tech's support was superior to any I have dealt with. Their professionalism and knowledge lead to a flawless implementation.

— Brad Hillebrand, Manager of Enterprise Technology, Fellowes Inc.

Your service and customer support remains the best ofany vendor that I've had the pleasure to work with in my time with IBM.

— Robert S. Gelsinger, Advisory I/T Specialist, IBM Global Services

I wanted to say thank you, not only for the assistance with the install, but for having a true commitment to customer service and staff that takes that to heart.

— Bragg Davis, Senior Security Engineer, Information Technology & Services at one of the largest hospital operators in the US

Sybase feels that one of M-Tech's strongest assets is the excellent customer support they provide.

— Bruce Macdonald, Sybase

Bravura Pass addresses the problem of offering a self-service password reset and synchronization capability without having to deploy a third-party GINA DLL at each desktop. This is an effective way to reduce the cost of deployment and on-going management of this type of solution.

— Jackson Shaw, Program Manager, MetaDirectory, Microsoft Corporation

Professional Services

Solution Delivery

Consulting and project management services from Bravura Security and partners.

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IAM as a Service

Identity and access management as a service (IAMaaS) adapts IAM to a software as a service (SaaS) solution for the cloud instead of relying on on-premises infrastructure.

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Post-Implementation Support

We provide various post-implementation support options, including technical support and emergency incident response services.

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Managed IAM

Bravura Security can manage deployed identity management and access governance systems on-premises or in the cloud.

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Regularly scheduled training for Bravura Security deployment and administration professionals.

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Bravura Security Fabric

Bravura Security offers professional installation and deployment services of the market's only and most comprehensive Privileged Access, Password and Passwordless & Identity and Access Management solution.

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Partner Services

A fully certified and trained network of partner experts is ready to support your IAM implementation.

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