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New in Bravura Security Fabric 12.4.0 and Connector Pack 4.3.0

August 9, 2022

Passwordless Authentication with Microsoft Authenticator

Provide your users with a passwordless experience to Bravura Pass, Privilege, and Identity. Implement it with the infrastructure you already likely use, Azure AD, for accessing your company network. Leverage it so you can also log into your web applications through Bravura Pass.

Under the covers, the solution leverages Bravura Security’s long-standing RADIUS integrations to authenticate with Azure AD’s radius technology that can send MFA push notifications with what you have (your registered device) and what you are (your biometric check with Face ID or fingerprint authentication).

One Connector Integration Gateway 

Customers have long been asking if they could drive our wealth of connectors through a REST API to manipulate the accounts, groups, and group memberships on endpoints. In 12.4.0 we made this happen. More powerful than SCIM, our Connector Integration Gateway builds on our new OData REST API interface that is designed to Microsoft's best practices for security and privacy-protecting APIs. Users can now create, update, and delete accounts, groups, and memberships across all 140 of our off-the-shelf connectors.

You can manipulate accounts and groups on:

  • Enterprise systems like Mainframes 
  • ERP systems like SAP HANA 
  • Cloud applications like Salesforce, Slack, and SCIM 1.1 and 2.0 systems 
  • Linux, AIX, Windows, and Mac Servers 
Through our one standard, universal API you can manipulate all of these endpoints at the scale that only Bravura Security can provide.

Connector SDK

Get a new connector SDK to build integrations for your organization with ease. The SDK contains best practices, guidance, examples, plus tips and tricks that are important when integrating with different platforms.


Python 3.10 Support

Python support has been upgraded to 3.10 to ensure continued support for bug and security fixes from the Python ecosystem.


Upgradability Enhancements

The Bravura Security Fabric can now detect if an upgrade can be done as a rolling upgrade or if it requires full downtime, walking the user through the process. In addition, more ease-of-use changes to the upgrade process have been added, streamlining the process.


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