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Bravura Security Fabric 12.6 and Connector Pack 4.5 | Summer 2023

Bravura Security Fabric

See what's new from Bravura Security including new user experiences, integration opportunities, and deployment options to empower your future and delight your users.

Bravura Safe

Windows Desktop Application 

Bravura Safe now untethers you from your browser while protecting your secrets and credentials. Whether you're browsing the web, accessing remote sessions, utilizing command line tools, or using desktop apps, Bravura Safe is always available, ensuring your sensitive data and credentials are always protected. Seamlessly transition between platforms without compromising security. 

The Bravura Safe Windows Desktop Application compliments the Bravura Safe web extension offering increased flexibility to manage zero knowledge secrets and passwords. Power and technical users like developers and database administrators can now create, store, manage, copy and paste secrets and passwords from the web extension browser or desktop application for increased independence from the network.  


Large File Sharing 

Embrace the future of file sharing. Upgrade your file-sharing capabilities and propel your business forward with Bravura Safe. Effortlessly share files of up to 1.8 GB in size with your valued customers, trusted partners, and dedicated employees eliminating the frustrations and limitations of traditional methods and fostering seamless collaboration all within the secure environment of Bravura Safe. Whether it's videos, log files, zip files, or any other type of valuable data, Bravura Safe prioritizes your data privacy and security, ensuring that your confidential information remains in safe hands.  


Collaborative Team Storage 

Bravura Safe's Collaborative Team Storage revolutionizes the way you work together, providing a centralized hub where team members can securely store and access files. No more searching through countless emails or shared drives. Experience streamlined collaboration and amplified productivity as you effortlessly share videos, log files, zip files, and more, enabling you to store and share up to a whopping 100 GB of files among your team members ensuring that only the right people have access to your sensitive materials. 

Our advanced security measures, coupled with strict access controls, guarantee that your sensitive materials remain protected at all times. Store large volumes of data, share critical information, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Whether you're scaling your operations or collaborating on groundbreaking projects, Bravura Safe empowers your team to reach new heights. 


Bravura Pass

Bravura Safe Password Synchronization 

Passwords changed in Bravura Pass will be synchronized with Bravura Safe via the new Bravura Safe Password Synchronization feature. As passwords get longer and more complex your employees are going to forget them more. This integration ensures their passwords are always at their finger tips. Reducing employee frustration. Reducing Help Desk calls. And needless self service reset requests. This new feature is available in Connector Pack 4.5. 


Bravura Safe Self-Service Master Password Change 

Connector Pack 4.5 is shipping with a new Bravura Safe connector that allows Bravura Pass users to reset their master password if they forget it. Bravura Safe Self-Service Master Password Change will reduce employee frustration and downtime, desk costs, and improve productivity.  


Bravura Pass, Privilege, Identity  

REST API Fine-Grained Access Control  

Introducing Bravura Pass, Privilege, and Identity's REST API with Fine-Grained Access Control to assist with your organization's security and compliance. The integration of fine-grained access control allows precise definition of what API callers can access regarding users, accounts, and groups. This level of control empowers organizations to enforce permissions with precision, ensuring authorized access to necessary functions and data. The API also allows customization according to specific requirements, enabling control over entity creation, attribute modification, and prevention of unauthorized deletions. Moreover, organizations can safeguard critical operations by controlling password changes and managing account locks/unlocks. Built on Open Policy Agent, the API provides a robust and extensible framework for policy definition and enforcement. By adopting Bravura Pass, Privilege, and Identity's REST API, organizations can achieve unprecedented control, compliance, and security for their identities. See the Authorization section of the REST API introduction to learn more. 


WebSocket Connector Proxy 

Simplify connectivity to applications behind firewalls and isolated networks with our new connection-proxying solution that leverages WebSocket. The WebSocket Connector Proxy eliminates the need for complex configurations enabling hassle-free connectivity without the need to generate interdepartmental requests / approvals, the need to open incoming firewall ports to reduce potential vulnerabilities and to provide comprehensive protection against unauthorized access. Real-time, bidirectional communication with improved responsiveness and low latency empowers organizations to unlock their application's full potential, simplify operations and enhance security.  

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Bravura Security Fabric 12.5 and Connector Pack 4.4 | December 2022

Bravura Security Fabric

New Bravura Security Look and Feel

The entire Bravura Security Fabric including all best-in-class products, Bravura Identity, Pass, Privilege, and Safe plus browser extensions and apps have a new Bravura Security look and feel to reflect our new company name.  


Add True Passwordless MFA to Your Bravura Security Solution

Immediately protect your organization against two of the most prevalent cyberattacks: phishing and brute force attacks by eliminating the threat vector of passwords with Bravura OneAuth powered by HYPR. Bravura OneAuth is the first passwordless MFA solution that provides unparalleled security assurance and a frictionless consumer-grade experience through the power of one Security Fabric and its best-in-class products. 

One-touch biometrics act as access points making authentication for your workforce as easy as unlocking a cell phone yet significantly more secure than traditional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions. Deliver the security your organization needs with the simplicity your employees expect through a seamless Bravura OneAuth integration with Bravura Pass, Privilege, Identity, Safe, and the entire Security Fabric. Available for: Bravura Identity, Pass, Privilege, and Identity customers via a subscription.


Download Bravura Security Apps from the App or Play Stores

You will now find all apps listed under Bravura Security in the App and Play stores. If you already installed the apps on your devices, they will automatically update to the new Bravura Security look and feel. 


Go Passwordless with Bravura Safe & Bravura OneAuth

Combine true passwordless authenticator Bravura OneAuth with zero-knowledge secret and password manager Bravura Safe to further increases security across your entire workforce. Empower your employees with a zero-knowledge password manager combined with a passwordless sign-in experience that delivers speed, simplicity, and significantly increased security across your Bravura Security Fabric. 


Self-Service Anywhere and Notification Client powered by Microsoft Edge

Self-Service Anywhere and Notifications powered by Microsoft Edge are now available with Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer. Bravura Security continues to adopt industry and web standards as we continue to invest in new capabilities you need. Available for Bravura Pass.


Connector Pack 

Python SSH Universal Connector

Do you integrate with network devices? Linux systems? Other platforms that leverage SSH for administrative actions? A new python based universal connector offers you shorter development cycles, more maintainable integrations, easier troubleshooting, and SDK assistance when building integrations. It replaces the end-of-life pslang SSH Universal connector. The Python SSH Universal Connector is available for Bravura Pass, Privilege, and Identity. 


Ceridian Dayforce Connector

Do you use Ceridian Dayforce for your Human Capital Management (HCM) needs? If so, we have introduced a new connector to help you with your journey. Leverage Ceridian Dayforce as your organization's system of record to drive the Identity Automation scenarios that will ensure your employees have the right access to day one when they join you, over the next years as they move through your organization, and ultimately that their access is promptly and accurately terminated when they leave your organization. Have the confidence that there are no gaps between what is in Ceridian Dayforce and what is in your enterprise application ecosystem. The Ceridian Dayforce Connector is available for Bravura Pass, Privilege, and Identity.


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Bravura Security Fabric 12.4 and Connector Pack 4.3 | August 2022

Passwordless Authentication with Microsoft Authenticator

Provide your users with a passwordless experience to Bravura Pass, Privilege, and Identity. Implement it with the infrastructure you already likely use, Azure AD, for accessing your company network. Leverage it so you can also log into your web applications through Bravura Pass.

Under the covers, the solution leverages Bravura Security’s long-standing RADIUS integrations to authenticate with Azure AD’s radius technology that can send MFA push notifications with what you have (your registered device) and what you are (your biometric check with Face ID or fingerprint authentication).

One Connector Integration Gateway 

Customers have long been asking if they could drive our wealth of connectors through a REST API to manipulate the accounts, groups, and group memberships on endpoints. In 12.4.0 we made this happen. More powerful than SCIM, our Connector Integration Gateway builds on our new OData REST API interface that is designed to Microsoft's best practices for security and privacy-protecting APIs. Users can now create, update, and delete accounts, groups, and memberships across all 140 of our off-the-shelf connectors.

You can manipulate accounts and groups on:

  • Enterprise systems like Mainframes 
  • ERP systems like SAP HANA 
  • Cloud applications like Salesforce, Slack, and SCIM 1.1 and 2.0 systems 
  • Linux, AIX, Windows, and Mac Servers 

Through our one standard, universal API you can manipulate all of these endpoints at the scale that only Bravura Security can provide.

Connector SDK

Get a new connector SDK to build integrations for your organization with ease. The SDK contains best practices, guidance, examples, plus tips and tricks that are important when integrating with different platforms.


Python 3.10 Support

Python support has been upgraded to 3.10 to ensure continued support for bug and security fixes from the Python ecosystem.


Upgradability Enhancements

The Bravura Security Fabric can now detect if an upgrade can be done as a rolling upgrade or if it requires full downtime, walking the user through the process. In addition, more ease-of-use changes to the upgrade process have been added, streamlining the process.


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