Zero Knowlege Enterprise Secrets & Password Management

Powerful Yet Fundamental Protection Against Ransomware and Cyber Threats

Protect Your Secrets and Passwords To Prevent Cyberattacks with a Turnkey Enterprise Password Safe

Bravura Safe is a zero-knowledge secret and passwords manager that centrally, consistently, and securely manages decentralized passwords, and secrets so your employees don't have to. It complements core password management solutions that organizations already use.

Bravura Safe leverages two decades of Bravura Security’s enterprise cybersecurity solutions. Employees can securely send time-bound passwords for new accounts, encryption keys for files, or entire files without them being leaked or intercepted, and with only one password to their Bravura Safe to remember.

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Mind the Gap: Enterprise-Insider Secrets and Passwords are a Risk Beyond SSO and Privilege

The recent rising threat of organizational insiders being paid to help in cyberattacks combined with notoriously bad secret and password hygiene at an individual level is a cause for cybersecurity leaders to be concerned. While IT teams have focused on implementing strong SSO, password management, identity and even privileged access management solutions, the work-from-home world has caused shadow IT to explode. With each employee too often re-using personal secrets for professional access across sensitive files, social media, databases and applications not onboarded to your IAM or PAM program, there’s a gap in enterprise cybersecurity postures.


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Control the Explosion of Decentralized Passwords

Many organizations are seeking assistance to enhance their cybersecurity model to protect against the growing threat of ransomware.

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Cut Your Cybersecurity Risk with an Industry-Leading Password Safe

While compromised passwords remain the top cause of breaches and attacks, working from home and leveraging new tools has resulted in an explosion of new, decentralized employee passwords outside of the enterprise applications onboarded to your identity and privileged access management program. This shadow IT creates significant cybersecurity risk for your company with hundreds of employee passwords, secrets, and files shared in chats and texts, stored in spreadsheets, and saved on sticky notes. Or worse, passwords are reused across personal and corporate accounts on the internet.

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Why is Enterprise Password Management important? 

While many organizations have implemented strong internal password management solutions and combined them with easy-to-use Single Sign-On (SSO) features, IT teams now have another cybersecurity risk: an explosion of unmanaged passwords and secrets outside of the IT enterprise applications powering their identity and access management or privileged access management solutions.

How are your employees managing their passwords and secrets?

Studies have shown that each person has to remember an average of 70 to 100 passwords for external services and internal resources including sensitive spreadsheets, websites, knowledge bases, productivity apps, and systems. They also have a range of digital records or secrets to recall like corporate credit cards, ssh keys, certificates, and more.

This gap has forced employees to use unmanaged third-party solutions to store and manage their passwords and secrets, or worse stash them in chat messages, and on spreadsheets, or re-use primary company passwords to make them easier to remember. Weak and insecure passwords are an easy target and are often a hacker’s first entry point into your organization. How safe are your employees’ decentralized passwords?



Simplify password storage

Save all of your passwords in one safe place with one password to remember and access them across all of your trusted devices.



Central password management

A centralized management console to the password repository provides IT security with full visibility (without values of passwords) and all capabilities that enterprise security professionals are familiar with to manage these decentralized passwords.



Auto-generate strong passwords

Employee passwords are automatically restructured into strong passwords so all decentralized passwords that leave the IT security boundary are strong and without semblance to any employee password used within the enterprise.



Encrypted repository

Centrally store and encrypt all decentralized passwords, secrets, files in a high security database for easier management and better visibility.

Safely send sensitive content

Safely send sensitive text or files to other employees or individuals outside the company sharing only an encrypted URL to access and download.

Consumer-grade User Interface

Create and manage passwords using an easy-to-use consumer-grade interface so that employees can easily create and manage these passwords without heavy IT support.

Improve employee security hygiene

Help employees make better decisions by alerting them to the risks and informing them when they are using weak, compromised, or synchronized passwords to improve password hygiene.

Flexible deployment options

Bravura Safe can be implemented in a SaaS public cloud.

Fast deployment

Bravura Safe can be implemented in minutes with a fast, IT-friendly “load and go” architecture with employees easily onboarded in a self-service process.

Compatible with the Bravura Security Fabric

Bravura Safe operates as a standalone solution and can be used with the Bravura Pass, Bravura Identity, and Bravura Privilege solutions.

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"Product works well for cloud provider."

— Senior Security Manager in the Services Industry (Company size: 50M - 250M USD)

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"Implementation was successful and a solid solution for the targets implemented."

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