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Our vision is to be the identity and access management, credential management and privileged access management vendor of choice for medium and large organizations, selected on the basis of innovation, flexibility, customer service and total cost.


Our mission is to deliver deployable and manageable identity, entitlement and credential governance solutions to our customers, to enable them to strengthen internal controls, harden network security, lower operating costs, improve user service and enable new business.

Who We Are

Bravura Security is an industry leader, delivering best-in-class identity, privileged access, password and passwordless products. Bravura Security software has helped Fortune 500 companies around the world protect their companies over the last two decades against increasing cybersecurity threats.  

The Bravura Security Fabric is a fully integrated solution of best-in-class products that manage identities, security entitlements, and credentials, for both business users and privileged accounts, on-premises and in the cloud.

Bravura Security is well known for high scalability, fault tolerance, pragmatic design, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Bravura Security is recognized by customers and analysts for industry-leading customer service.

Our History

Originally founded in 1992 as M-Tech Information Technology, acquired by Hitachi, Ltd. in 2008, and acquired by the Volaris Group in 2022, Bravura Security, Inc is a leading provider of identity, privileged access, password, and passwordless solutions.

The first product from Bravura Security was  Bravura Pass, which was originally shipped in 1995 as P-Synch. Today, Bravura Security is a leading provider of identity and privileged access management solutions.

What We Do

The sole business of Bravura Security is to develop, sell and deploy solutions that manage and control identities, entitlements and credentials. Our technology and services organization have evolved over the years, based on our experience in deploying Bravura Security products into over 1200 organizations, with a cumulative 14 million users.

Bravura Security products are available either individually or as components of the Bravura Security Fabric. The Bravura Security Fabric is an IAM solution designed to simplify and secure the management of user life-cycles, from onboarding until termination, across many kinds of systems and applications.

Using Bravura Patterns, we are uniquely able to automate joiner/mover/leaver processes, with a minimum of process (re)engineering and without spending an undue amount of time focusing on access certification or data cleanup.

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