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Solution Delivery

Consulting support services from Bravura Security and partners.

The Bravura Security Solution Delivery

The Bravura Security solution delivery team provides the foundation for a successful and rapid implementation of Bravura Security Fabric. This full-featured solution is the only platform for end-to-end data security, identity and access management (IAM), password and passwordless administration, group management, and privileged access oversight.

What Does an IAM Implementation Strategy Include?

The success of any implementation project relies on the planning and organization behind it. Your implementation strategy is the step-by-step guide for precisely how you'll align your needs and objectives with practical execution.

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Defined Goals

Start your strategy by clearly defining the goals you want to achieve with your project. Knowing where you want to end up is key to developing an accurate road map for getting there. This is also an ideal time to consider the challenges that may lie ahead so you can ground your expectations.


Collect information that will help you make realistic, data-driven decisions. This info might come from industry experts, your internal team or C-suite stakeholders. You'll want a solid understanding of elements like anticipated costs, expected time to value, project time frames and workforce needs.

Risk Comprehension

Revisit the risks you started to think about during goal definition. Common factors that can impact project success include budget limits, staffing changes, and upcoming holidays or extended leaves of absence. Understand these risks with a thorough report of your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities (SWOT). The SWOT analysis will help you prioritize your risks and find proactive ways to mitigate them.


Use tools like Gantt charts to identify crucial checkpoints and stay on schedule. Landmarks serve as a realistic, objective measurement of progress toward your goals. During this stage, it's also vital to distinguish which tasks depend on others so you can outline your steps in a cohesive, organized way.

Task and Responsibility Delegation

Create a list of tasks and who's responsible for them to enhance accountability and keep everyone on the same page. Cross-check this list with your schedule to set potential deadlines and clear expectations. The delegation process is inherently flexible, so you can manage your team members' strengths for a more successful project.

Resource Review

Determine what resources you'll need and when. This review can help you minimize the risks of resources being unavailable or improperly allocated. Accurate prioritization can also help you keep the project on time and within budget.

Considerations Exclusive to IAM

While the above steps form the foundation of any successful implementation strategy, several additional considerations are key when implementing an IAM solution. These include:

  • Zero trust frameworks: An IAM strategy with a zero trust implementation means authenticating, authorizing and validating users of all types on a consistent, ongoing basis before granting access. It's an essential approach to cybersecurity in today's environment where traditional network boundaries no longer exist.
  • Resource security: Strong access controls and data governance procedures are vital to protecting business assets. Your IAM solution should incorporate security principles like least-privileged access and role-based access control implementation to help safeguard your systems and data.
  • Privileged information access: All access should be privileged to shield high-level business information like competitive advantage and intellectual property. By including privileged access management (PAM) implementation in your strategy, you can limit and track access to confidential and sensitive business accounts.
  • Post-implementation support: No implementation strategy is complete without a plan for training and support after the initial deployment. 

Our Solution Delivery Services

The highly skilled identity and access management consultants at Bravura Security have deployed our Identity and access management (IAM) solutions at over 500 organizations, including many large, multi-national enterprises. The team employs proven, highly effective methodology and automated tools to ensure fast and cost-effective deployments.

Bravura Security has successfully completed engagements ranging from mid-size organizations to complex and geographically distributed environments.

Bravura Security products include technology designed to maximize user adoption. Our methodology and automation allow clients to perform many project tasks with minimal assistance, to speed up the production timeline and minimize deployment costs.

Beginning-to-End Project Management

We offer comprehensive delivery support services to decrease your time to confidence and value. These include:

  • Thorough business analysis.
  • Implementation planning.
  • Reporting and tracking.
  • Migration and identity cloud onboarding services.
  • Issue evaluation, reporting and response services.
  • Transition support services and rollout assistance.
  • Advice for increasing user adoption.
  • Communication of changes support.
  • Post-implementation strategy services and technical support.
  • Customer training services.

IAM Solution Delivery

Our seasoned team of experts proudly offers implementation services for the award-winning Bravura Security Fabric. Our technology includes five robust components:

  • Bravura Pass with complete password management functionality, self-service tools and built-in multifactor authentication.
  • Bravura Safe for centralized password control in an encrypted vault.
  • Bravura Identity to make managing digital proxies more efficient across applications and their life spans.
  • Bravura Privilege to secure administrator-level accounts and valuable business information.
  • Bravura OneAuth for passwordless access and secure multifactor authentication.

You can deploy these powerful cybersecurity tools on-premise or in the cloud.

Depending on each client's in-house resources and preferences, Bravura Security is positioned to deliver solutions using a combination of trained staff, customer resources and third-party integrators. Bravura Security integration and deployment partners include large, brand-name integrators and specialized IAM implementation consultants. Bravura Security is also happy to work with a client's preferred integration vendors.

Bravura Security partners are trained in Bravura Security products, are familiar with the associated methodology and employ the same high standards as the internal Bravura Security solution delivery team.

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Learn More About Expert Solution Delivery

Our implementation specialists can offer more information or personalized quotes for our solution delivery services. Start by connecting with a Bravura Security representative online or calling 877-386-0382.