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Immediately protect your organization against two of the most prevalent cyberattacks: phishing and brute force attacks by eliminating the threat vector of passwords with Bravura OneAuth powered by HYPR. Provide your workforce with a passwordless sign-in experience that delivers on speed, simplicity, and significantly increased security across your security fabric.

Bravura OneAuth uses one-touch biometrics that acts as access points making authentication for your workforce as easy as unlocking a cell phone yet significantly more secure than traditional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions. It replaces traditional, tedious, and poorly adopted MFA methods and removes passwords entirely from the solution to reduce the risk of compromised credentials.

Bravura OneAuth is the first passwordless MFA solution that provides unparalleled security assurance and a frictionless consumer-grade experience through the power of one Security Fabric. Combining true passwordless authentication tool Bravura OneAuth for logins with zero-knowledge secret and password manager Bravura Safe further increases security across your entire workforce.

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Poorly Adopted Traditional Multi-Factor Authentication Makes You A Target For Hackers

Cyber security attacks are on a remarkable rise with the styles of attacks increasing in sophistication and volume. Unfortunately, too many organizations rely on failing authentication methods. Many business leaders have a false perception that commonly-implemented authentication controls are sufficient to prevent breaches. However, too often traditional MFA methods have been poorly adopted because they are frustrating to use.

The reality is that many traditional MFA methods also leverage passwords which continue to make organizations a target for hackers. According to HYPR’s recent study, 80% of organizations have experienced a breach that was likely related to authentication weakness. Despite the reality of these breaches, two-thirds of surveyed organizations took no action in response to breaches leaving them exposed to future attacks. Why? When asked, security decision leaders highlighted that improving the user experience and increasing security were the reasons that they would prompt them to make a change to go passwordless.

Stop Protecting Shared Secrets with Shared Secrets

If you can type it, it’s a shared secret. From simple and familiar user names and hackable password combinations to more complex, yet password-filled MFA schemes, shared secrets are a risk across your company. Mishandled shared secrets are a leading cause of identity theft, financial fraud, account takeover (ATO), and mass data breaches like those from ransomware gang Lapsu$ and many others in recent news. Once in the hands of a hacker, shared secrets enable bad actors to impersonate your legitimate users and abuse their rights to access critical information and tools that can cripple your business. Don't use shared secrets to protect your shared secrets.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has recommended phishing-resistant MFA, particularly based on the FIDO authentication standard to counter the increase in cyberattacks and the world’s password insecurity. Adopting phishing-resistant, true passwordless authentication from the desktop to the cloud is the smart and strategic path forward. 

HYPR’s recent survey found that 89% of organizations agree that passwordless authentication ensures the highest level of authentication security and a superior user experience. In fact, IT, Security, and Business decision-makers ranked user experience as the top reason to adopt passwordless authentication. It's time to go passwordless to deliver the security your organization needs with the speed and satisfaction your workforce deserves. 


Improved Security and Lower Risk

The comprehensive Bravura Security Fabric that combines best-in-class identity, password, privileged access management, and zero knowledge password management on a converged platform and framework now has the benefits of true passwordless MFA powered by HYPR. Bravura OneAuth lowers the risk by changing the economics of attack and reducing the likelihood of a breach. HYPR is proven to help organizations achieve a 98.4% reduction in account takeover, and zero phishing incidents.



Better User Experience for Everyone

Make the headaches and productivity hits associated with passwords go away, for good, with a frictionless authentication experience. Offer a user experience the workforce will like and actually use. With Bravura OneAuth powered by HYPR true passwordless MFA, people spend 300% less time authenticating than with traditional authentication approaches.



Cost Savings

Lower the TCO of authentication deployment and administration. Using Bravura OneAuth powered by HYPR true passwordless MFA, organizations have experienced 35% fewer help desk calls, and as much as $2.4M savings in incident response costs. And, they have been able to prevent the impact of hidden costs including reputation damage and customer loss following a breach.


Unparalleled Assurance

  • Eliminate the security risk of insecure 2FA such as SMS pin identification.
  • Provide immediate phishing-resistant MFA protection that you can depend on against two of the most dangerous and prevalent cyberattacks: phishing and account takeovers.
  • Protect or eliminate all knowledge-based secrets.
  • Enable app or app-less authentication via a mobile device or with biometric 2FA.
  • Based on FIDO Authentication – the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) gold standard and recommended for Zero Trust – which authenticates based on public-key cryptography.

Consumer-Grade Frictionless Experience

  • Save in password reset costs since IT no longer needs to issue, manage and reset passwords, eliminating the need for password-related help desk tickets.
  • Works with multiple identity providers including Okta, Ping, and Microsoft.

HYPR Fixes The Way the World Logs In 

HYPR’s True Passwordless™ MFA platform decouples authentication from the organization’s identity providers and eliminates the traditional trade-off between security and user experience by providing uncompromising assurance and consumer-grade experience. By eliminating the password and deployments taking hours rather than weeks or months, organizations decrease the risk of a cyber attack, increase positive user experience, and lower operational costs.


Why Your Best Passwords Are No Passwords

How well is your organization really protected against two of the most prevalent cyberattacks: phishing and brute force attacks? According to a recent Bravura Security study, nearly half of IT, security, and cybersecurity leaders still store passwords, a leading cause of attacks, in shared office documents and other insecure methods. IT leaders are now looking to eliminate corporate risk by never requiring a user to remember passwords again, and provide superior security to traditional MFA solutions, which aren’t working. The status quo isn’t improving security or productivity. According to HYPR’s study, 89% of organizations believe passwordless authentication provides a superior user experience and the highest level of authentication security. 

Watch this thought-provoking webinar recording to learn why passwords don’t really work and what you can do about it by eliminating the threat vector of passwords with a passwordless sign-in experience. During this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to reduce the risk of compromised credentials by replacing traditional, tedious, and poorly adopted MFA methods and removing remembering passwords from the equation.  
  • Making authentication for your workforce as easy as unlocking a cell phone yet significantly more secure than traditional MFA solutions.
  • Implementing unparalleled security assurance and a frictionless consumer-grade experience that delivers on speed, simplicity, and significantly increased security across your security fabric. 
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Hackers Have Approached 65% of Executives or Their Employees To Assist in Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks regularly generated prominent news coverage in 2021, and they are continuing to grow in frequency, complexity and sophistication. Yet, there is another facet of ransomware attacks that has not received the same attention in the media: insider threats.

Since our last survey conducted in November, there has been a 17% increase in the number of employees and executives who have been approached by hackers to assist in ransomware attacks. To combat this rising threat, businesses must take a proactive offensive approach to cybersecurity or face financial and reputational damage.

To gain a better understanding of the different types of ransomware threats, Pulse and Bravura Security surveyed 100 IT and security executives on how hackers are approaching employees, how ransomware is impacting an organization’s cybersecurity approach, and how prepared businesses really are to combat these attacks.

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