Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges With SaaS

Bravura Security Fabric brings together all the benefits of SaaS plus IAM & PAM into one comprehensive solution.


Cost. Convenience. Flexibility. Scalability

These are just a few of the reasons why organizations are choosing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for their most critical technologies, including ERP, CRM, CMS, and more. SaaS solutions of identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM) bring the convenience of the cloud to your cybersecurity solution and strategy.

SaaS implementations of cybersecurity architectures for identity and access management (IAM), privileged access management (PAM), password management, and more have all of the same benefits of any software-as-a-service solution — plus they ensure all of your IT environments stay safe and secure whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises.

What are the benefits of a SaaS cybersecurity solution?

A SaaS implementation of cybersecurity combines all of the functions and advantages of an enterprise-class identity and access management solution with a cloud-based service's operational and cost savings. However, protecting your budget is only the beginning of the benefits of SaaS:

Eliminate Cost and Complexity

With a SaaS implementation of IAM and PAM, your expenses are reduced to the subscription fee and administration work. IAM and PAM solutions in the cloud can help your organization avoid capital equipment expenses, simplify ongoing IT operations, and free up IT leaders and staff to focus on core business and long-term strategic security and technology initiatives.

Accelerate Time-to-Value
SaaS provides a faster way to bring the value and protection of identity-based security to your organization than conventional physical deployments. Unlike on-premise IAM solutions, you can deploy SaaS solutions at an accelerated pace with little or no need for on-premise supporting tech installation or configuration.
Enhance UX

SaaS solutions improve user satisfaction and experience by reducing password fatigue and allowing a consistent and simplified single sign-on. And with support for identity federation standards like SAML end users can access all of their applications with a single set of credentials.

SaaS also makes it straightforward for enterprises to extend access across many external relationships like partners, suppliers, and contract workers in a more efficient and secure fashion.

Provide Flexibility

A SaaS solution is ideal for hybrid IT models that are cloud and mobile-first environments with a mix of business and personal devices (BYOD) because cloud solutions reduced complexity via simplified out-of-the-box workflows.

Cut Risks

SaaS cybersecurity solutions can strengthen your organization’s security by eliminating unsafe password management practices, lingering access, and improving your overall security posture.

A SaaS implementation of IAM and PAM also offers improved security to keep your organization safer from ransomware, hackers, and more prepared to combat data incidents, breaches, and theft.

Overcoming SaaS Cybersecurity Challenges

For many SaaS security solutions, one significant shortcoming remains: integrating the elimination of vulnerabilities across all security vectors. Some SaaS products and services cover one element of a cybersecurity architecture, but not the others. For example, one might cover identity and access management, while another covers privileged access management. Yet none are able to bring all of those essential security processes into one cohesive, fully comprehensive solution.

Ready to bridge your security gap? Learn more about our proven SaaS Solution.

The Bravura Security Fabric SaaS solution is the only security fabric that increases identity and privileged access visibility and reduces risk across your hybrid IT environment so your team can focus on your business. And that’s only the beginning of the many benefits of the Bravura Security SaaS solution.

This structure also permits us to ensure a more reliable product and service, since no clients’ environments are impacted by anyone else’s (a common challenge with multi-tenant). Each architecture is its own, unique instance, which gives each customer complete control over their Identity solution — making migrations simpler, along with other often tedious updates. And unlike multi-tenant options, single-tenant architectures are more easily backed up, so your system can be easily restored (should the need arise) adding another layer of security.

Achieve Full Functionality to Protect Identity and Privileged Access

With a depth of functionality not seen in other SaaS solutions, the Bravura Security Fabric offers full functionality to effectively deploy and implement your identity and privileged access program in its software-as-a-service model. Bravura Security not only sets up and implements your solution, we also offer an annual set of professional value-added services including platform monitoring, administration, oversight, and best practices to ensure your program succeeds.

Start Strong With Proven SaaS Implementation Processes

Ensuring a reliable, resilient and secure SaaS platform starts from the ground up. To ensure all of these, the implementation of the Bravura Security Fabric SaaS solution starts with a thorough audit of your IT stack and processes to ensure full optimization of the Bravura Security Fabric throughout your organization. We rely on proven processes and a team of Identity experts to guide you through onboarding and ensure a user-friendly experience for your end users and your implementation team. 

For Bravura Security SaaS customer Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) this personalized approach called for a two-phase approach to the deployment of Bravura Pass. By working hand in hand with the Bravura Security solutions team, Blue Cross NC was able to efficiently and effectively roll out its new password management solution for end users and significantly reduce support calls to reset passwords. And simple mobile access via the application, enabled by the solution, has played a huge role in successful employee onboarding.

See the Full Blue Cross NC Case Study
Stay Secure With a Single Tenant Architecture

To keep your network as secure as possible, the Bravura Security Fabric is implemented with a single-tenant architecture, meaning you don’t share your SaaS instance with any other Bravura Security customers (as would be the case with multi-tenant). It’s built specifically for you to meet your needs. This allows us to more easily adapt your solution and keep it more secure. While there’s no such thing as a completely invulnerable system, limiting the access points with a single-tenant setup allows Bravura Security and our SaaS clients to minimize risks. 

This structure also permits us to ensure a more reliable product and service, since no clients’ environments are impacted by anyone else’s (a common challenge with multi-tenant). Each architecture is its own, unique instance, which gives each customer complete control over their Identity solution — making migrations simpler, along with other often tedious updates. And unlike multi-tenant options, single-tenant architectures are more easily backed up, so your system can be easily restored (should the need arise) adding another layer of security.

Secure Hybrid IT Workloads

As IT teams continue to digitally transform business operations, cloud-delivered identity architectures that can support both on-premises and cloud workloads will remain essential. The Bravura Security Fabric software-as-a-service combines the increased visibility and security that comes from the Power of One identity and privileged access platform to drive program delivery, evolution, and operations to secure your growing network perimeter. 

Maintain Continuity With Managed Services Options

Our SaaS services don’t end with implementation. Through our network of IT and security partners, we’re able to provide additional business functions for the ongoing support of your SaaS solution. Our SaaS managed services include everything from onboarding to new system migrations to help desk support. If you have a SaaS management challenge, we have a team of experts ready to help.



Seamlessly Scale On-Demand

Quickly scale your solution to meet increased demand or cyclical growth with constant monitoring, logging, and alerting. Stay nimble to securely manage today’s ever-changing workforce. Expand your capacity during peak seasons without compromising security, disrupting your users and customers, or paying exorbitant fees. And mergers and acquisitions can be more securely and simply managed with a SaaS solution that can easily scale to bring both organizations under one security blanket.

Lower Initial Costs

By bringing multiple cybersecurity solutions into one platform, Bravura Security SaaS solutions are able to streamline and reduce administrative overhead, eliminating fees for hardware and software, staffing, and maintenance. The solution has a single monthly fee that transitions costs from capital to operating expenses. This enables organizations to afford the latest and greatest technology without having to allocate a significant upfront investment. With a subscription-based model managed by the Bravura Security team, you can free up budget and bandwidth for other projects that drive revenue and growth.

Stay Compliant With Global Data Regulations

For global organizations, keeping up with international data security requirements (GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, APPI) can be tedious and time-consuming. Bravura Security simplifies these complex processes by securely processing and storing your organization's data in the region of your choice to help address Data Residency and Sovereignty requirements.

Extend Your IT Team With Bravura Security Experts

Bravura Security’s SaaS solutions also include proactive 24/7 real-time monitoring, plus ongoing patches and updates to reduce your security risk and allow you to focus on other business priorities. Bravura Security offers the highest level of security in the market with decades of deep industry experience.

Reduce Risk With a Comprehensive Security Fabric

With one cybersecurity solution to rule all of your critical identity and access processes, organizations are able to provide a frictionless experience (free of clunky, insecure integrations) across all identity and privileged access services. Ensure users have access to the right resources, at the right time, and with the right level of adaptive and contextual security by expanding your security services to include best-in-class solutions for IAM, PAM, and more. 

The modular Bravura Security Fabric is able to extend your solution as your organization’s cybersecurity needs mature and evolve.

  • Bravura Identity secures identities and enforces security and cross-platform access policies with principles of least privilege.
  • Bravura Privilege reduces IT security risk and enhances accountability with frictionless, time-limited privileged access. 
  • Bravura Pass enables login security processes and simplifies credential management
  • Bravura Group manages groups at a massive scale and simplifies group lifecycle management.
  • Bravura Discover automates vulnerability analysis and provides accurate data to close identity and privileged access security gaps with confidence.

Maximize security and the value of your solution with easy updates and regular upgrades to the latest features, completed by Bravura Security. 


Ready for SaaS? What About Your Cybersecurity Strategy?

The move to the cloud and growth of SaaS solutions has increased efficiency and convenience for countless organizations, but to truly thrive in the cloud, organizations need a strong SaaS cybersecurity strategy and solution to decrease vulnerabilities.

Prioritize Passwords

Most system breaches are still the result of weak or misplaced passwords. Get your password management on track with Bravura Pass to button up your processes and platforms.

Implement Zero Trust

As you build your cybersecurity stack and strategy, a Zero Trust approach (which trusts nothing by default) will keep you focused on eliminating vulnerabilities with platforms and processes that prioritize the security of your identities.

Teach Your Team

Human error has always (and likely will always) be the leading cause of system breaches. Your best defense is to make sure your team knows how to spot and report fraud, ransomware, phishing, and whatever comes next. With the right information, supported by the right tools, you can keep your most vital information secure.

The security of your systems has always been a priority.

Having the right approach to cybersecurity strategy as you build your cloud stack will ensure they remain protected.


One SaaS Solution for All Your Cybersecurity Needs

Bravura Security Fabric brings together all of the benefits of SaaS, with a fully featured and integrated IAM and PAM solution into one singular cybersecurity solution. Full functionality and Bravura Patterns across Identity, Privilege, Pass, Group, and Discover rapidly deploy and grow with you to protect any access anywhere, at any time.