Identities are the heart of all access in your organization. They’re also the bullseye for attacks - particularly the often low-hanging passwords and high-valued privileges. Are you ready?

Learn how you can achieve increased identity protection from a state of fragmented access management to the precision of calling the shots with a zero trust security model across a converged identity and privileged access management platform.



Defending Against Ransomware with the Power of One

We surveyed InfoSec and IT Leaders. They told us how they’re arming their teams to face the future of cybersecurity. Join Nick and Bryan to learn how organizations are preparing against internal and external attacks.

Nick_Brown_WhtCirNick Brown

Nick is passionate about providing organizations with the depth and breadth of cybersecurity solutions they need to empower their organizations. Nick comes to Bravura Security with over 25 years of experience in enterprise software with innovative startups and large companies like SAP and Oracle.

Brian_wht_borderBryan Christ
Senior Solutions Sales Engineer

Bryan specializes in security and access governance. For more than twenty years he has focused on open-source and software development with an emphasis on team leadership and executive oversight. Bryan is also an experienced Virtual Chief Information Officer in the Greater Houston area.



Zero Trust, Zero Silos: Convergence of Identity & Privilege

In the battle against cyberattacks, automation across multiple solutions is like having a sharpshooter on your side. Combined with zero trust principles, policies, and practices, automation removes risk across an interconnected platform and framework to give you better sight into your cybersecurity. Join John to hear about innovative identity and privileged access management scenarios vital to the moving cybersecurity targets in many organizations: all enabled by the power of a singular platform that brings together industry-leading solutions.

John_White_cir-whtbgJohn White
Professional Services Team Lead, EMEA

John has an extensive background in IT and in-depth experience and understanding of enterprise identity and privileged access management, and brings this to the table in order to assist organizations in architecting, designing, and implementing robust cybersecurity programs to meet evolving demands. John is focused on ensuring organizations receive superior IT services and solutions, identify key areas for continual improvements in existing business processes, and gain the complete view necessary to develop new processes from the ground up.



Shots on Target: Fortifying Your Cybersecurity Maturity

Mature identity and privileged access management programs that promote zero trust principles are a good way to prevent shots fired by hackers from gaining control of your data and infrastructure. In a recent survey, Bravura Security discovered the maturity of most organizations is 2 out of 4, leaving quite a bit of room for shots to pass through to the target. Join Bart & Colin to learn how to assess your organization’s maturity and create an achievable project plan to bolster it to the next level.

Bart_Allan_redcirBart Allan
Vice President, Customer Success

Ensuring customers achieve their ultimate desired outcomes in their identity and privileged access management programs is Bart’s key motivation. Bart oversees Customer Support, Professional Services, SaaS Operations, and Customer Education and works closely with the Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Sales teams to continuously improve customer experience through improvements to the product, services, and customer-facing processes and practices. Bart has been with Bravura Security for over 6 years, has extensive experience in identity and privilege access management, and over 10 years in the IT industry.

Colin_redcirColin Duffy
Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales and Channel

For more than 15 years, Colin has established new global partnerships to expand Bravura Security's Services Delivery to enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformations. Eager to drive leading technology solutions in a competitive and growing market, Colin is passionate about applying technology to solve problems across the enterprise.

jim_skidmore_intigrow_redcircleJim Skidmore
VP Solutions Group - Intigrow

We are a Global Enterprise Information Security company delivering comprehensive security solutions and competitively priced security services to a myriad of industry verticals, empowering enterprises to achieve a business enabled defense-in-depth security posture, manage corporate risk, improve compliance, and attain proactive detection and prevention of security threats to their computing infrastructure, data, and applications.



Increase Your Success Rate by Maximizing Your Investment

Your team’s cybersecurity success rate is only as good as the technologies, policies, and practices you’ve put in place. Have you maximized your current investment? Increase your team’s success with your existing infrastructure. Join Bruce and Trevor to learn how you can cull policies that no longer serve you and leverage other features to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Bruce_Macdonald_cir-whtBruce Macdonald
Senior Sales Engineer

With 25+ years of experience in identity and access governance along with privileged access management, Bruce provides organizations with strategic direction and execution for their identity management initiatives to protect their data and infrastructure. Formerly a Windows architect with Sybase Inc. (now SAP), Bruce enjoys solving new creative and technical challenges with a deep understanding of strategic design direction, project recommendations, and thought leadership.

Trevor_redcirTrevor Nicholson
Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Trevor brings decades of identity and privileged access management strategy and implementation experience to Bravura Security, ensuring that organizations are getting the best return on their investment. Having specialized in the needs of finance and higher education segments, Trevor brings his experience to problem solve and ensure customer success.



Locked and Loaded: University of California San Francisco’s Identity Modernization

Modernizing a decades-old, deeply entangled identity system to achieve seamless identity access management across two organizations is no easy program. But with proper planning and execution, the University of California San Francisco did just that. Join the conversation to learn about the steps the university took to increase secure access from anywhere in the world and align its security strategy to its culture of innovation & excellence. Hear about what is next on the university’s identity and access management and governance roadmap to achieve its next goals.

Kevin_Nix_red-cirKevin Nix
Board Member and Advisor

Kevin has spent more than 30 years in Enterprise Software and SaaS Solutions. Mr. Nix has successfully founded and sold three SaaS startups in the mobile, customer engagement and predictive analytics space. He co-founded SkyData Systems in 2007, which was acquired by SAP, led Causata, to be successfully acquired by NICE Systems in 2013 and more recently co-founded Stellar Loyalty which was acquired by Cheetah Digital in 2018. Mr. Nix was Executive Vice President in charge of mobile and SaaS solutions at SAP, reporting to the co-CEO and grew the Siebel/Oracle call center and industry solutions from $0 to over $1B in revenue back in the early 2000s. Mr. Nix has a BA in Computer Image Processing and Remote Sensing from UCSB in 1983.

Kevin_redcirKevin Dale
Associate Director, Identity and Access, University of California San Francisco

Experienced Senior Manager with more than twenty years of IT experience while working in the higher education industry at University of California San Francisco, Stanford and Santa Clara. Diverse professional experience in analysis, architecture, design, development and implementation.



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