BlueCross BlueShield's Journey From Passwords to Passwordless

"Bravura Security was a true extension of our own team. Quick communication and flexibility was
essential to success, and they delivered both time and time again."

Phillip Boyd, Senior IT Design Engineer, BlueCross BlueShield NC

CHALLENGE BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina (BlueCross NC) needed to reduce its risk with a frictionless end-user password manager and alleviate significant password support strain on its tier-one help desk.

SOLUTION BlueCross NC shifted to a SaaS password management solution that could handle healthcare compliance and legacy systems.

OUTCOME The shift to Bravura Pass in the cloud reduced password support calls by 80% and saw 78% of end users using the self-service and mobile password management solution.

FUTURE Focus is now to close the gap on the 22% of users not enrolled, increase onboarded systems, and add self-service password vaulting for users to store passwords and secrets in encrypted digital vaults they secure with a master password.

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