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Protect your secrets and your organization  
While many organizations have strong internal password managers combined with Single Sign-On (SSO) features,  it doesn't manage passwords and secrets outside their identity and access management or privileged access management solutions.
Increase protection for your organization by giving employees the frictionless security experience they expect and the security you need. Combine zero-knowledge enterprise password manager, Bravura Safe, with the first true passwordless multi-factor authenticator, Bravura OneAuth. 
  • Quickly secure shared secrets and decentralized passwords with a consumer-grade app built for enterprise needs
  • Complement your core password manager you already use
  • Quickly and easily deploy with a user group of your choice
  • Unlike LastPass, Bravura Safe is built on open source code with zero trust principals
  • Make authentication as quick as unlocking a phone with a fingerprint or face recognition biometric
  • Trust a FIDO-certified authenticator

Employees typically end up re-using passwords and shared secrets across their personal and professional lives to simplify logins so they can get to work. They often skip traditional multi-factor authentication PINs and passwords that slow them down. But when one of those accounts secured by a re-used password gets hacked, the door swings open to all others in your organization and ramps up your risk. Stop it today.



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Protect your organization against two very common cyberattacks, phishing and brute-force attacks. Get started with Bravura Safe and Bravura OneAuth for your business.