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Welcome to the Bravura Security content library, home to the resources you need to make the most of our software. We curated our identity security webinars to give you an overview of how each of our products performs in the real world. Learn from our leading software and security experts and hear firsthand experiences of how these products have become integral tools for businesses everywhere. 

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Bravura Safe
Cut Your Cybersecurity Risk with an Industry-Leading Password Safe

While compromised passwords remain the top cause of breaches and attacks, working from home and leveraging new tools has resulted in an explosion of new, decentralized employee passwords outside of the enterprise applications onboarded to your identity and privileged access management program. This shadow IT creates significant cybersecurity risk for your company with hundreds of employee passwords, secrets, and files shared in chats and texts, stored in spreadsheets, and saved on sticky notes. Or worse, passwords are reused across personal and corporate accounts on the internet.

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
Balance the Scales of Security and Convenience

Automation. It's a core value of Identity & Access Management solutions and can help universities and colleges meet and maintain governance and cybersecurity goals by simplifying critical IAM processes. Learn how focusing on automation first improves governance and certification.

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
How Security and Identity Fabrics Work to Help Improve Security

Many organizations struggle or even fail because they overcomplicate the implementation and extension of their cybersecurity toolset. Most do not have a central approach on security, and often use a set of tools that are not well-integrated with each other.

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
Fragmented IAM Must Come Together To Solve New Challenges

Remote workforces, hybrid infrastructures, elevated access requirements and dynamic business models challenge established IAM practices. Organizations will be better positioned to deal with these trends when fragmented IAM value chains work together for a secure posture and effective administration. We will examine the impact of these key trends and how interconnected IAM systems are better positioned to address these challenges.

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
Set your IAM Implementation Strategy

Are Disparate Leading Solutions or a Unified IAM Suite a Better Choice?

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
Dealing with Identity Management challenges within the Covid-19 crisis

2020 has presented many challenges to many companies -- from mass furloughing for some businesses, to mass hiring for others. Workforces are struggling to adapt to new work-from-home mandates, and companies are ill-prepared to enable these new access demands. Financial services companies in particular are struggling to deal with a multitude of remote authentication related challenges. Bravura Security will offer suggestions on how companies can use Identity Management and Privileged Access Management to secure access control for employees and keep businesses safe from potential breaches.

Bravura Identity
Which Comes First Identity Automation or Governance

Organizations that want to mitigate risk need identity and access management. It must become an integral part of the company, touching everyone and everything. IAM provides a strong rules platform that will increase worker productivity while improving security. Identity Management is key to ensure employees are both empowered to deliver value and prevent damage to the business's reputation, security, or bottom line. When getting started with IAM, companies will need to decide whether to begin with automation or governance first. This webinar will explore both approaches and make a case for which should come first.

Bravura Identity
Implementing an IAM Program isn't scary

Successful organizations make a long-term investment in IAM and PAM solutions, to support long-term growth of their system. Join CTO Idan Shoham for a discussion about best practices for organizing and operationalizing their IAM and PAM initiatives.

Bravura Privilege
Introducing Privileged Access Management with Identity Experts & Bravura Security

In this informative webinar, speakers from Identity Experts and Bravura Security will educate attendees on PAM and how it can work to reinforce their organizations. The speakers will take attendees on a journey to understanding PAM and it's many benefits, as well as demonstrating the solutions to make PAM implementation a reality.

Bravura Identity
ITSM vs IAM: When is the Right Time?

Most medium to large organizations have deployed both an IT service management (ITSM) platform, (which may include popular applications from ServiceNow, BMC/Remedy, Atlassian/JIRA and HP/Service Manager), and an identity and access management system (IAM), including applications such as Bravura Identity. This seems like a good approach – what could possibly go wrong?

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
Spent Millions on IAM and all you got was Access Certification?

Learn how to eliminate manual identity and entitlement administration by adopting best practices IAM processes.

Bravura Identity
Business Case: Complex IAM requirements in a University + Medical Center environment
The University of California - San Francisco (UCSF) had to replace a 20+ year old, mainframe-based identity system. The platform is being phased out and software authors and maintainers are gone. The presentation will describe how UCSF characterized and addressed challenges in replacing a system deeply entangled with core business processes, and expanding process automation to prepare UCSF for the future.
Bravura Identity
Best Practices for IAM Assessments, Blueprints & Roadmaps

Join Todd Rossin, IDMWORKS CEO & Chief strategist, and Idan Shoham, co-founder and CTO, Bravura Security, as they address the complexities around identity and the most common questions about IAM Assessments & Roadmaps: Why Should We Assess? What Should We Assess? & When Should We Reassess?

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass / Bravura Privilege
What's New in Bravura Security Fabric 11.0

Bravura Security is pleased to announce the release of a major version (11.0) of its Bravura Security Fabric. The 11.0 release introduces group lifecycle management across integrated systems and applications.

Bravura Identity
GDPR and IoT

Bravura Security CTO Idan Shoham gives a discussion on GDPR and IoT and their impact on the Identity Management industry.

Bravura Identity
Achieving Quick Wins in IAM projects

Many IAM projects struggle or even fail because demonstrating their benefit takes too long. Quick-wins that are visible to the end users are a key success factor for any IAM program. However, just showing quick-wins is not sufficient, unless there is a stable foundation for IAM delivered as result of the IAM project. Thus, building on an integrated suite that enables quick-wins through its features is a good approach for IAM projects.

Bravura Identity
Overview of Bravura Security 10.1 Release of the Identity & Access Management Suite

Overview of Bravura Security 10.1 Release of the Identity & Access Management Suite - webinar held July 11, 2017.

Bravura Privilege
Privileged Access in and for the Cloud

Privileged access management (PAM) systems are increasingly being used to great effect in securing cloud infrastructure and SaaS environments. With the popularity and affordability of cloud computing environments, organizations can now increase the value and lower the operating cost of PAM systems. This session will explore the various aspects of Cloud and PAM and provide concrete recommendations to implement them.

Secure the Cloud: How to Lock Down Access to SaaS and IaaS

As organizations move their application inventory out of private data centers to public cloud providers, login pages are exposed to public URLs. This eliminates the network perimeter as a first line of defense and dramatically increases the set of possible attackers. At the same time, organizations are subject to increasing regulatory and audit requirements regarding privacy protection and governance. To address the increased risk of public access to critical systems and applications, organizations must deploy multi-factor authentication, robust access governance and control over privileged accounts. This webinar will discuss implementation of these measures.

Bravura Pass
Sneak Peek for Bravura Privilege 10.0

Preview of the 10.0 release of Bravura Privilege, highlighting a new privileged access dashboard, session search and playback dashboard, request approval UI and component framework.

Bravura Identity / Bravura Pass
Sneak Peek at Bravura Identity and Bravura Pass 10.0

New features in the mobile app include multi-factor authentication for all users and push notifications. Bravura Pass now includes a personal password vault and a federated SAMLv2 identity provider (IdP). Bravura Identity supports management of nested groups, creating new folders and new analytics. Role and SoD rule recertification is new.

Bravura Privilege
Let the Good Guys In: Taking Identity & Access Management to the Next Level

Identity and access management is about far more than keeping the bad guys out. You need to let people in to your organization - employees, customers, partners, suppliers and so on - but not every level of access is created equal. In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Bravura Security will help you determine who gets access and where they can go, what tools you should be using to ensure the most effective Identity and Access Management process for users and the enterprise, where to you turn for the right IAM solution for your needs.

Bravura Safe

Bravura Safe offers the latest in password security technology. This tool lets your employees manage passwords for dozens of sites and software, all from one location. Bravura Safe generates secure passwords for sites in seconds and stores them in a highly protected, zero-knowledge database. All users have to do is remember their login information for the software, where their unique password and account information will stay contained.

Our password management webinars will show you how our system prevents interceptions and leaks and complements the core password management solutions you already use.

Bravura Security Fabric

Help every user feel more secure in their identity and password management with Bravura Security Fabric, a comprehensive IT solution for custom online protection to suit the unique needs of large corporations. This all-in-one platform provides improved threat detection and enhanced account controls, allowing you to instill a sense of security.

Bravura Identity

Investing in IAM is a twofold necessity. First, it's an essential method of protecting data and information from outside use. Furthermore, it's a requirement set by regulatory agencies that demand strict online security policies — without it, you may be subject to fines. Bravura Identity takes this necessity and turns it into an unforgettable benefit. Our complete IAM strategy involves identity governance, password management, Segregation of Duties (SoD) and automated access provisioning.

Explore our identity access management webinars to learn more about Bravura Identity's commitment to data governance and IAM strategy.

Bravura Pass

As online security evolves, internet users have more than passwords to remember. Security questions, passcodes, smart cards and biometrics have become regular parts of online data protection. Bravura Pass lets you put all this information in one place. This way, your IT team can spend less time fielding staff questions and resetting passwords while your employees gain more power to take control of their data.

Our identity management webinars show how Bravura Pass seamlessly integrates with our other tailored solutions.

Bravura Privilege

Your highest-value accounts call for enhanced provisions, better security, and more frequent management and monitoring. Bravura Privilege can deliver it all through Privileged Access Management (PAM). Our software lets you grant access to sensitive information only to those who need it. You can also limit users based on time, authorizations and other factors. Options like Single Sign-On (SSO) and Just-In-Time (JIT) let your employees get information when they need it, and only then.

Our enterprise PAM security webinars show you how to bring new levels of security to those accounts that need it most. See how it can work in tandem with our other data management products.

Bravura Cloud

Your security measures cannot work at their best without comprehensive, real-time management, which is exactly what Bravura Cloud offers. See where your workflow thrives and where your staff may need more support with rich dashboards and compliance monitoring. You'll also gain access to tools that help you take action as soon as a new challenge appears.

Bravura OneAuth

Bravura OneAuth is your new solution in password management — or should we say passwordless management? Passwordless management is the latest in login security solutions, and OneAuth is prepared to help you make the switch. Our secure authentication platform is easy for authorized users to navigate, and it's prepared to fight off malicious intent from outside threats.

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