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Give users the ultimate convenience of forgetting their passwords forever. Gain revolutionary control, coordination, and insights for all organizational passwords. 


Power to the User: One-Click Password Retrieval within a Password-Free Experience, Assuring Instant and Scalable Re-Security for Breach Protection

Elevate your password security and modernize your user’s digital experiences with Bravura Pass Plus – your ultimate password management solution. Say goodbye to password fatigue and hello to effortless access. Advanced user vaults not only safeguard credentials, set by your central security policies, but also provide users with convenient and efficient auto-fill logins. Automated credential rotation ensure users uninterrupted productivity with a password-free feel. 

With our innovative one-click resecure capability, you have the power to rotate credentials instantly, maintaining business flow without locking out users, mitigating breaches before investigations even begin. Recover from threats in record time, not months, keeping business operations smooth and secure without overloading your help desk. 

Harness the power of our Password Risk Dashboard for a crystal-clear view of your password security stance. Spot weak spots at a glance, stay compliant, and leverage insightful reports to unify your team behind fortified password practices. Bravura Pass Plus is more than a tool; it's productivity and peace of mind in one powerful package. 

Deliver a Password-Free Feel that You Can Instantly Resecure at Scale

Bravura Pass Plus delivers convenient, stress-free password access to strengthened passwords for users, plus organizational control and analytics that give a clear security posture snapshot, and accelerated recovery if a breach is detected.  

Users are empowered to smoothly operate in their digital environment with Bravura Pass Plus protection. Simplified access through an advanced vault that securely stores credentials, set and managed by the organization’s security policies, provides a relief for users for users battling password fatigue. This digital-age issue leads to dangerous practices like password reuse, inviting cyber threats. Users benefit from streamlined logins with secure auto-fill features and automated updates, promoting the experience of a password-free workspace while avoiding the frustrations of lockouts, manual resets and the challenge of creating and remembering complex passwords.  

Bravura Pass Plus transforms organizational security responsiveness and agility when reacting to a credential compromise by rapidly re-securing user credentials at scale without disrupting or locking out users. By taking control of all password management and enabling effortless updates company-wide, Bravura Pass Plus's centralized approach provides the assurance of a swift recovery process, quickly restoring secure access and minimizing downtime to maintain business continuity, a recovery process that could otherwise take months to complete. 

The integrated Password Risk Dashboard offers a visual and intuitive risk assessment, clearly highlighting weak passwords and recommending areas to investigate to ensure compliance. It also provides key performance indicators to monitor and enhance overarching password security and management daily and delivers reports to share insights and gain the support of key stakeholders across the organization. 


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Business Challenges


  • Complexity of Password Management: Users often face difficulties managing multiple complex passwords, leading to frustration and decreased productivity. Frequent password resets and helpdesk calls for password issues increase operational costs and interrupt workflows.

  • Security Risks and Compliance Challenges: Organizations struggle to ensure passwords are changed on time and are compliant with security policies, creating audit risks. The risk of password compromise remains a significant threat to organizational security.

  • Inefficiencies in Current Security Practices: Existing security measures often compromise on ease of use, adversely affecting user experience. The process of managing and remembering complex passwords is cumbersome for users and does not align with modern password-free security approaches.

  • Need for Streamlined Access Control: There is a demand for a solution that can simplify the login process without compromising security. Organizations require a method to centrally define and securely deliver password values to users, facilitating a seamless workflow.

  • Traditional Helpdesk Authentication: MFA factors like Q&A, Voice Print, and SMS Pin are increasingly compromised by cyber attacks. Attackers target password recovery, leading to resource strains and heightened risk of social engineering and phishing. This threatens helpdesk integrity, risking data breaches and eroding customer and stakeholder trust.

Solution and Features

Bravura Pass Plus aims to solve the prevalent business problems associated with legacy password management while enhancing both security and user experience.

  • Simplify User Experience:

    • Integrate a solution that aligns with users' routines and eliminates common password-related frustrations.
    • Provide features such as auto-fill and centrally managed password copy from Bravura Safe to streamline user interaction with security systems.
  • Enhance Security without Sacrificing Convenience:

    • Adopt a robust security solution that enhances user experience and complements passwordless entry points.
    • Transition towards a password-free environment while maintaining high security standards.
  • Automate Password Management:

    • Implement automated password management to ensure timely password changes in compliance with policies.
    • Eliminate the need for users to remember passwords, thereby reducing the chances of password-related security breaches.
  • Central Control and Risk Mitigation:

    • Achieve centralized control over password values, delivering them securely to users as needed.
    • Enable IT Security to effectively address and mitigate password compromise risks.
  • Improve Help Desk Security Through Phishing-Resistant Authentication 
    • Shift to secure, user-friendly MFA solutions like Azure MFA, Bravura OneAuth, Okta, and Ping Identity, with RADIUS for enhanced password reset verification.
    • Bravura Pass Plus supports organizations not yet ready to abandon Q&A systems by creating and securely storing unique random Q&A data for users so they always have access. It enhances security without relying on user memory, integrates with current MFA , and strengthens help desk security during password resets. 

Benefits of Bravura Pass Plus for Organizations

Bravura Pass Plus is a strategic approach to re-securing credentials and passwords that provides more than a convenient user experience; it's a powerful tool against cybercrime, protecting organizations comprehensively. 

User Empowerment

By allowing users to focus on their primary tasks without the concern of remembering or resetting passwords, the system empowers them to work more independently and confidently. This can lead to a more engaged and effective workforce.

Increased Productivity

Eliminating password-related interruptions allows users to maintain a more efficient and uninterrupted workflow. This means that employees can focus on their core duties without being sidetracked by login issues, ultimately contributing to the overall productivity of the organization.

Simplified Access

As organizations move towards password-free entry systems, having a smoother login process becomes increasingly important. Simplified access not only improves the user experience but also supports a faster and more secure authentication process.

Rapid Organizational Re-Securing

Instantly strengthen your organization's security by swiftly resetting and deploying user credentials post-breach to reduce disruptions. Streamline password updates for all accounts, cut downtime, and maintain smooth operations with this scalable system, ensuring quick, efficient incident response and bolstering business resilience.

Enhanced Security

Enhancing security while maintaining usability is crucial in protecting sensitive information. Reducing reliance on passwords, which are often vulnerable to being stolen or guessed, significantly improves overall security. This is especially important in an era where cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent.

Centralized Governance

Bravura Pass Plus enables centralized governance that not only ensures consistent enforcement of password policies across an organization but also mitigates vulnerabilities and non-compliance risks by simplifying compliance, bolstering security, and offering transparent oversight of password management activities.

Audit-Ready Password Management

By automating password management and adhering to regulatory standards, Bravura Pass Plus provides an audit-ready solution that keeps organizations compliant and protects against credential-based attacks, ensuring peace of mind and a robust compliance posture.

Reduced Calls to a Modernized IT Help Desk

A decrease in password-related help desk calls, to a phishing-resistant help desk that no longer leverages Q&A, SMS Pins or voice recognition authentication, results in significant time and resource savings for the IT department. This enhances security and enables IT to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

Features of Our Solution

Bravura Pass Plus is a password management tool that empowers users with the ultimate convenience of instant access to their credentials combined with the organization’s enhanced management of all passwords and insight into its overarching password health. Explore some key features of our product. 

Empower Password-Free Access

Bravura Pass Plus transforms user access by providing a password-free experience that integrates seamlessly into their daily workflow. It replaces the need for users to remember complex passwords with automated, policy-compliant credentials delivered directly to secure user vaults for instant auto-fill logins. Beyond simplifying the login process, this approach strengthens user security by preventing account lockouts and reducing reliance on insecure workarounds, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. 

  • Seamless One-Click Access & Auto-Updated User Vaults Passwords are automatically rotated, securely stored, and continuously updated in each user’s personal enterprise vault. Users can customize notification settings for a streamlined experience that enhances productivity and mirrors the seamless access found in their personal digital lives. After any absence, users can effortlessly return to work bypassing help desk resets and 'forgot password' hurdles for continuous, uninterrupted access.  

  • Multi-Platform Password Access with Tailored Access Experience When users need to retrieve their passwords, they can do so effortlessly. Users will enjoy the convenience of biometric authentication for quick one-click access to passwords on any device—be it on their desktops, mobile phones, through browser extensions, or a web interface guaranteeing constant access. 

  • Remote Password Recovery Ensure continuous operational efficiency with the ability to securely access current or backup passwords from any location, bypassing the need for physical device management or network reconnection. This capability not only eliminates the logistical challenges and expenses associated with device handling at central offices but also reinforces user autonomy and maintains uninterrupted productivity across your organization. 

  • Password Reset Safety Net When unexpected events happen, a variety of self-service password reset methods are available for users to conveniently and securely change their passwords without needing IT support. Web-based self-service portal enables immediate password changes that avoid helpdesk wait times while chatbot-assisted password resets leverage user-friendly, API-driven password updates.  
One-Click Password Re-Secure for Protection Against Credential Based Attacks

Activate an instant defense against potential breaches with just one click. Quickly update passwords across the organization for some or all users, groups, or systems—effectively neutralizing threats and strengthening your security posture preemptively, even before any formal investigation is underway. This approach applies the same rigorous level of control and surveillance to every password, not just privileged accounts, ensuring comprehensive protection against data breaches and aiding in regulatory compliance.  

  • Rotate Passwords On-Demand or On-Schedule Dynamic credential rotation allows on-demand, scheduled, or instantaneous password updates for individuals, groups, or systems, ensuring optimal security and compliance with minimal operational disruption.  

  • Automate Password Lifecycle Management Streamline the policies and processes for creating, changing, and managing passwords, pushing the most current credentials to user vaults for uninterrupted access while reducing the risk of human error and ensuring timely revocation of access rights as needed. 

  • Advanced Password Governance with Simplified User Experience Enforce the most complex password policies allowed by target systems, all while maintaining a simplified user experience. Effectively govern passwords, tailor policies and rules to distinct user groups or account types, and seamlessly monitor password change activities. This strategic approach minimizes the risk of password compromises and enables prompt detection of any irregular password change events. 
Optimize Security Posture and Compliance with Password Health Analytics and Actionable Insights
Our password health analytics provides a visual dashboard for immediate insight into your security strengths and areas needing improvement. Leverage real-time data visualization to detect hidden vulnerabilities, develop targeted security tactics, and compile comprehensive reports that meet compliance demands. Customize your analysis further by integrating familiar Business Insight tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or Excel. Our robust REST API integration streamlines the continuous safeguarding of your systems and simplifies the demonstration of compliance across your network, including all integrated systems and third-party identity providers. 
  • Password Risk Dashboard for Transparent Oversight Proactively identify and evaluate the scope of at-risk passwords, understand the potential risks, and establish clear accountability for updates. This level of clarity and control is essential during high-pressure situations like security breaches, allowing for decisive action with minimal operational impact.  

  • Turn Insights into Tangible Actions With the capability to alert stakeholders through various communication channels such as email, chat, and text messages, you ensure that critical information is promptly disseminated. Streamline your response processes by automatically generating service tickets and take advantage of the scalability and flexibility offered by functions-as-a-service (FaaS) to handle tasks efficiently. The system's adaptability also allows you to integrate your existing tools, providing a seamless and personalized approach to managing your organizational needs. 

  • Comprehensive Password Management KPIs Tap into vital metrics to enhance security, ensure compliance with password policies, and reduce the risk of credential-related breaches. A wide-range KPIs include the percentage of user accounts running with automated password lifecycles, or with known password states. They can also include the percentage of passwords meeting your password policies, re-using old passwords, passwords being shared by different employees in your organization, appearing on compromised password lists. 

  • Comprehensive Compliance Intelligence Reporting Generate detailed reports to strengthen organizational compliance, with real-time monitoring, risk assessment, and predictive insights to pinpoint and document potential compliance issues. These reports are crucial during audits and help demonstrate adherence to industry and regulatory standards.  

  • Enhanced Audit-Readiness Automate password management, aligning with regulatory standards to enable audit readiness and compliance, enforcing uniform password policies, reduces security vulnerabilities, and provides clear reporting for easy audit verification. This streamlines compliance efforts, minimizes the risk of breaches or penalties, and simplifies the maintenance of password-related regulations. 
Optimize ROI and Reduce OPEX
By focusing on user productivity, IT resource allocation, security risk management, compliance simplification, and system-wide scalability, Bravura Pass Plus not only fortifies your security posture but also delivers measurable financial advantages, ensuring that your organization runs more efficiently and safely in today's fast-paced digital landscape. 
  • Elevates Employee Productivity Simplify the login process and minimize password-related interruptions. 
  • Alleviates Helpdesk Burdens Reduce password support requests, freeing up IT resources for more strategic projects. 
  • Guards Against Expensive Security Breaches Use rapid response tools and ongoing monitoring of password integrity. 
  • Streamlines Compliance and Auditing Automated, real-time reporting capabilities. 
  • Consistent Operational Flow Quickly restore user access and securing systems in case of security incidents. 
  • Scalable Password Management Seamlessly integrates with all systems and third-party providers, avoiding additional costs. 

Why Password Vaulting, Analytics and Re-Securing Matters

In today's environment, where organizations employ a myriad of apps and systems, users are tasked with remembering multiple login details leading to insecure passwords and password reuse. When a user is locked out or forgets their password, they rely on IT support to resolve the issue creating delay and frustration. Such login issues and requests for password resets also make up a significant portion of IT help desk tasks. Streamlining the process of managing credentials and user sign-ins can free up IT resources to concentrate on more substantial initiatives and objectives.

Bravura Security offers Pass Plus for revolutionary password management. Our bundle helps free users from password burdens to simplify logins while strengthening passwords according to policies, accelerating the time for organizations to resecure and recover from password and credential attacks, all underscored by important password key performance indicators and compliance insights.


Passwordless Authentication

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