Digital Identity Solutions for Government & Public Sector Applications

Ddigital identity Management for the government and public sectors.




Federal, state and local government agencies face unique technology and data security challenges. These issues include legacy systems, time-consuming manual processes and data silos that create workflow bottlenecks. Protecting access to classified and sensitive data becomes more complex without highly trained cybersecurity professionals.

Bravura Privilege is the ideal solution for managing digital identity for the government and public sectors.


Level up Confidential Data Protection With Bravura Privilege

Bravura Privilege can help you protect your data access. Our platform is a centralized answer for privileged access management (PAM), which yields many benefits. 


Get Higher Password Security and Happier End Users

With Bravura Privilege, you can store passwords in an encrypted, minimal-access vault. Our application randomizes and retrieves them automatically before entering them without user visibility. That means no more shared or static passwords, helping prevent the risks of inside attacks. The platform also automatically starts sessions in the desired applications for a seamless user experience.


Enforce the Principle of Least Privilege

Government agencies and public sector organizations must enforce the idea that all data needs security. Our tool makes implementing a zero-trust data access policy easy. This policy ensures users have access to only the information they need to carry out their duties.


Create Real-Time Audit Trails

Local, state and federal governments must trace and document data access to comply with regulations and make policy enforcement easier. With Bravura Privilege, you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips to tell who accessed data and what they did with it. You can quickly generate the necessary documentation to simplify auditing and hold users accountable.

Maximize Your Budget With Bravura Privilege

With Bravura Privilege, you get more for the dollars you spend. Using our platform for identity management in government agencies gives you:

  • Protection for your entire infrastructure: Whether it's a modern network or a legacy system, we help safeguard access.
  • The ability to scale as required: Our cloud-based system makes it easy to add or eliminate multiple users whenever needed.
  • Tailored parameters: We'll help you configure your unique organizational protocols and data access policies.
  • A hardened security posture: Bravura Privilege is a powerful tool for proactively improving your data access security and lessening your risk.
Level up Confidential Data Protection With Bravura Privilege

Complete Your Data Protection With Bravura Security Fabric

Bravura Security Fabric is a game-changer for end-to-end data protection. It offers one powerful solution to bring comprehensive resource access management together, including:

See Bravura Security Solutions in Action

We'll be happy to show you how simple it is to get better PAM with a centralized, all-in-one solution. Request your complimentary demonstration today to connect with a Bravura Security specialist online.

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