Digital Identity Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

Secure Data Storage, User Control and Portable Identities

The telecommunications industry manages user data to connect devices to services like the internet, mobile and on-demand programming. For this reason, telecommunications is a target for fraudulent activities, such as payment fraud, account takeovers, identity theft and more. Digital identity management can help companies secure data storage, user control and portable identities, all of which reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

Bravura Security offers digital identity solutions to help the telecom industry streamline management, boost security and improve revenue. Bravura Identity is our identity access management (IAM) solution that will give you the functionality and privacy you need to protect your customers.

Features of Bravura Identity for Telecoms

Since telecom businesses handle a vast amount of customer data, using a solution like Bravura Identity is crucial. Some features of this product include:

  • Authentication: You can automatically authenticate users during their journey. Grant them access to certain resources to secure other files and remove access anytime. You can also grant authentication through multifactor authentication (MFA).
  • Single sign-on: The single sign-on (SSO) option gives users one set of login credentials to access applications and services. You can link the user permissions to this SSO to maintain security across applications.
  • Self-service management: While you control program access, users can also request admission to certain files. Letting users control certain settings in their accounts allows your IT team to focus on other goals.
  • Deployment options: Bravura Identity allows you to manage on-premise and cloud-based systems and applications.

Benefits of Digital Identity Protection for Telecommunications

Digital identity management offers the following advantages for the telecommunications industry:

  • Seamless access: We keep the signup and login processes simple. With one login and identity verification, users can access the files they need.
  • Improved security: By limiting access to sensitive files, you protect customer and business data and decrease the chances of a data leak.
  • Cost savings: Data and user life cycle management is easier with Bravura Identity. You can save money with a dedicated IAM solution compared to managing user permissions manually.
  • Industry compliance: Digital identity protection helps you fully comply with the telecom industry's legal regulations.
  • Streamlined operations: Improve your operational efficiency and save time with Bravura Identity.
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Gain the Power of One With Other Bravura Security Products

Bravura Security Fabric is our singular, powerful framework supporting all Bravura Security products. Enhance your digital protection with Bravura Identity and our other solutions:

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