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Protecting Robotic Process Automation Against Comprised Credentials and Attacks

Secure secrets and grant authorized access to workflow configurations to efficiently increase identity and privileged access security and prevent malicious attacks with Bravura Privilege and Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation integration.

Blue Prism pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Blue Prism's connected-RPA can automate and perform mission-critical processes, allowing your people the freedom to focus on more creative, meaningful work. More than 1,300 global customers leverage Blue Prism's digital workforce, empowering their people to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the business. 

Robotic Process Automation requires secrets to systems and applications to function. These secrets are sensitive so should be secured. Hitachi ID Bravura Privilege handles that, by periodically randomizing and vaulting secrets and providing a secure API for secret retrieval.  Integrating Hitachi ID Bravura Privilege with Blue Prism's digital workforce means enterprises can automate processes using securely managed secrets while offering scalability, redundancy, and process authorization.

Vaulted, Randomized Passwords

Bravura Privilege moves secrets storage and management into a secure, encrypted, audited vault and enforces secret change control and rotation for RPA workflows. This security protects against credential exfiltration in a compromised system or by insiders who might make malicious but authorized, changes to workflow definitions. Randomized managed passwords further increases security and reduces human cost. 

Always Available

Secrets are stored in a secure, geographically distributed, encrypted, access-controlled, and audited credential vault. The highly fault-tolerant Hitachi ID Application Fingerprinting Pattern uses sophisticated key management, data replication, and caching to ensure access is always available. 

Maintains Compliance

With Blue Prism leveraging Bravura Privilege-vaulted credentials, configuration and credential use is strictly controlled and audited to comply with compliance regulations, such as SOX, GDPR or PCI-DSS, which require strict control over process configuration, rigorous security for credentials and regular secret rotation.

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Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise, transforming the way work is done. We help organizations just like yours accelerate operational efficiency and agility by making it easy for your people to automate the processes that matter most. Our intelligent digital workforce is smart, secure, scalable, and successful, freeing up humans to reimagine work.

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