Bring Your Cybersecurity Strategy Together With a Comprehensive SaaS Solution

Bart Allan

February 10, 2022

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has quickly become the go-to for all varieties of business technologies — and cybersecurity is no exception. As hackers continue to target identities within organizations, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) is swiftly carving out its own niche as an essential piece of a cybersecurity strategy. Now organizations are tasked with finding the right fit for their cybersecurity needs in a space that grows more crowded every day. Navigating vendors and features with very different approaches and focuses can be overwhelming. 

Many will conquer this new terrain by weaving together multiple solutions, each focused on different aspects of identity and access management (IAM). While this strategy can work, the cost to integrate these solutions into a woven fabric is often overlooked, leaving businesses with a patchwork of solutions and several blind spots that hackers can take advantage of. To truly build a solid barrier and united cybersecurity strategy, companies need a singular, comprehensive solution and platform.

Quickly Secure Your Identity Perimeter

When it comes to cybersecurity, organizations require that their solutions not only secure their networks, but that they start doing that as soon as possible. Yet many organizations are taking the long way around by patching together multiple IAM and PAM solutions. It takes time to implement multiple SaaS solutions. Not only that, in order to fully secure your network, you’ll require strong integrations between each disparate one. Without them, you’ll be creating new vulnerabilities and access points for hackers. 

A comprehensive platform like Bravura Security Fabric, avoids these potential entry points by presenting a united front: One singular solution with IAM, privileged access management (PAM), password and group management, and even predictive capabilities (to stay a step ahead of potential breaches and ransomware hacks). And leveraging Bravura Security’s SaaS platform puts all of the cybersecurity services you need, all in one place with significantly reduced overhead.

Achieve Seamless, On-Demand Scalability

In order to build a cybersecurity strategy that will last, organizations need a platform that can grow with them. If your cybersecurity relies on multiple platforms or a legacy solution, scaling isn’t impossible, but it can be far more complicated (and most likely more expensive).

The Bravura Security Fabric enables painless, simple scaling by offering multiple cybersecurity solutions all in one architecture. So you may start with just IAM (aka Bravura Identity), but soon realize you need to strengthen your password management. Quickly scale your solution to meet increased demand or cyclical growth without compromising security, disrupting your users and customers, or paying exorbitant fees by adding Bravura Pass. Or, if you ever need to scale down, the Bravura Security Fabric can easily be downsized to meet your organization's needs.

Keep Costs Manageable (and Avoid SaaS Sprawl)

With so many SaaS solutions to choose from, just about every organization has experienced some degree of SaaS sprawl. You pick up a tool here and a tool there and before you know it, you’re paying for a dozen to do the job that a few could accomplish. Bringing many of your cybersecurity needs into one platform can cut back on costs and save time that would otherwise be spent managing multiple tools. 

Because it’s in the cloud, Bravura Security Fabric as a Service is inherently more cost-effective. Bravura Security simplifies costs further by offering a subscription-based model administered by Bravura Security experts, freeing up budget and bandwidth for other projects that drive revenue and growth.

A Singular SaaS Solution for Every Cybersecurity Need

With one SaaS solution to rule organizations’ cybersecurity strategies, creating a frictionless experience across all integrated identity and privileged access services, IT teams can move beyond the day-to-day management of multiple apps. And because the Bravura Security Fabric as a service is able to adapt and grow as your organization’s cybersecurity needs mature and evolve, you’ll be set today and for years to come.

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