Bravura Group

Simplify group lifecycle management. Self-service requests, automated processes, reviews and cleanup makes the right level of access and security available for everyone with Bravura Group.

Proactive Control of Your Identity and Privileged Access Security

Eliminate identity and access breaches through process improvement combined with automation-first approach.

Reveal Identity and Privileged Access Risks

  • Bravura Group simplifies group lifecycle management with self-service requests, automated processes, reviews and cleanup makes the right level of access and security available for everyone
  • Access Security Groups underpin security in most systems and applications. If users are assigned to inappropriate groups, they can gain inappropriate access to applications or data which can compromise the safety of your data and organization
  • It is essential to assign groups based on business need and in compliance with policy

Simply Manage Group Life Cycles

  • Bravura Group calculates and automates appropriate access so you can simply manage group life cycles
  • Easily create new groups, manage group objects and memberships plus control nested, child, and out-of-band processes or move and modify groups to keep access tight
  • More securely manage groups and mail distribution lists in directories and access a rich set of reports to identify problems and quickly deploy remedies with automated request feedback

Deploy Intelligent Automation and Self-Service

  • Bravura Group can automatically detect newly created groups, calculate appropriate membership using authoritative and metadata, and include white- or black-lists as exceptions
  • For less predictable groups, a request portal combined with approval workflows helps users formulate clear access control requests with appropriate group memberships
  • Bravura Group also includes a periodic review process where stake-holders such as managers or group owners either certify members or revoke access

Control and Enforce Policies in Real Time

  • Group membership is subject to policy controls, including change request approvals, segregation of duties with mutually exclusive group memberships, role-based access controls, and risk scores
  • It enforces a variety of policies to ensure that groups and their membership are business-appropriate
  • Authorized to make changes to groups or memberships on Active Directory domains, Bravura Group can detect, respond to, and reverse changes or raise alerts immediately

Get Actionable Analytics and Audits

  • Internal control problems arise when there are more groups than users and where group existence and membership assignments are not supported by the change history or business context
  • Bravura Group offers a rich set of reports that identifies data quality problems
  • A feedback path from reports to requests can automate problem remediation

Your Identity and Access Platform

The Bravura Security Fabric singular, powerful framework and platform brings together all the layers of Bravura.

Bravura Security Security Fabric

Bravura Security Fabric

Protect identities, systems and data with automation, built in threat detection, and a singular identity, privileged access and password platform. Bravura Security Fabric is a singular, powerful framework and platform that brings together all layers of Bravura, including Identity, Privilege, Pass and Group plus a threat detection layer: Bravura Discover.

Bravura Security Identity

Bravura Identity

Revolutionize your digital identity program with Bravura Identity. Implement the best-in-class Bravura Security solution to enforce security, cross-platform access policies, and uphold the principles of least privilege.

Bravura Security Privilege

Bravura Privilege

Reduce IT security risk and enhance accountability with frictionless, time-limited privileged access. Bravura Privilege facilitates millions of daily password randomizations and authorizes access with a highly available, geo-redundant solution.

Bravura Security Pass

Bravura Pass

Improve login security processes and simplify credential management for passwords, tokens, smart cards, security questions and biometrics management across systems and applications with Bravura Pass.

Bravura Security Group

Bravura Group

Effortlessly and more securely manage groups while simplifying group lifecycle management with Bravura Group. Access a rich set of reports to identify problems with data quality and quickly deploy remedies with automated request feedback.

Bravura Security Discover

Bravura Discover

Bravura Discover delivers a powerful risk and threat assessment for both IAM and PAM solutions to get your organization on the right track—quickly. Its automated discovery analysis takes just a day to provide the most accurate data to close identity and privileged access security gaps with confidence by removing the potential for human error or intervention.

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"Fully met our company's need for Identity and Password management."

— Sr Analyst Programmer (Company size: 10B -30B USD)

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"Product works well for cloud provider."

— Senior Security Manager in the Services Industry (Company size: 50M - 250M USD)

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"Implementation was successful and a solid solution for the targets implemented."

— Compliance Remediation Ops Support Manager (Company size: < 50M USD)

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