What Are the Benefits of IDaaS?

Bart Allan

March 29, 2022

For decades, many IT and security leaders were obsessed over physical infrastructure and the strength of its closed perimeter. Informational technology infrastructure was about on-premises components — hardware, software, networking, operating systems, and data storage — to deliver enterprise IT services and solutions. This approach was costly and time-consuming to maintain. Upgrading and modernizing also required significant investment.

Modernization, the cloud, and remote work have accelerated the transformation and evolution of authentication and software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. Identity-as-a-Service, or IDaaS, a type of SaaS, empowers IT and security decision-makers to move infrastructure like identity access management to SaaS, bringing many of the benefits of cloud economics, reach, and agility.


What Are the Benefits of IDaaS?

Today, many organizations implement IDaaS solutions, such as Bravura Security Fabric, to simplify operations, expedite time-to-value, and support more flexible and turnkey modernization efforts. With IDaaS, get all of the capability, functions, and benefits of an enterprise-grade identity access management solution — at the cloud’s cost and with its operational efficiencies. IDaaS solutions allow your business to:

Shift Cost and Decrease Complexity

A primary advantage of IDaaS is capital savings. Historically, on-premises IAM solutions limited the capabilities of many enterprise IT and security leaders. Provisioning identity on-premises can be costly. It’s also time-consuming to replace and modernize this type of management of user identities and privileges. 

IDaaS reduces administrative overhead and eliminates fees for hardware and software, staffing, and maintenance. A monthly vs. up-front fee transitions most of the costs from capital to operating expenses so organizations can afford the latest and greatest technology without allocating a considerable upfront cost to pay for it. Beyond the shift in expenses, IDaaS solutions can also simplify ongoing IT operations and free up IT leaders and staff to focus on core business and long-term strategic security and technology initiatives.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Unlike on-premises IAM solutions, you can deploy IDaaS solutions more speedily and effortlessly with little or no need for on-premises supporting tech installation or configuration. With pre-configured mature identity and privileged access lifecycle business processes and top-notch practices built-in, you can reduce time to value and adopt best practices at scale.

Many IDaaS vendors also offer 24x7 real-time monitoring with a team of identity-based security experts, plus patches and fixes to streamline your cybersecurity operations. Overall, IDaaS is a faster way to bring the value and protection of identity-based security to your organization than conventional physical deployments.

Enhance UX

IDaaS implementations improve user satisfaction and experience by reducing password fatigue and allowing a consistent and simplified SSO. With support for identity federation standards like SAML, Oauth, and OpenID Connect, IDaaS implementations let users access all their applications with a single set of credentials. Whether a user is signing in from open Wifi at a coffee shop or from a desk in the office, the process is uniform, seamless and protected.

IDaaS also makes it straightforward for enterprises to extend access across many external relationships like partners, suppliers, and contract workers in a more efficient and secure fashion.

Provide Flexibility

IDaaS is ideal for hybrid IT models that are cloud and mobile-first environments with a mix of business and personal devices (BYOD) because cloud solutions are more dynamic and not as rigid as on-premise solutions. 

Cut Risks

IDaaS (and identity access management) solutions can strengthen your organization’s security posture by eliminating unsafe password management practices and critical vulnerability and attack surface for exploitation.

IDaaS offers improved security to keep your organization safer from ransomware, hackers, and more prepared to combat data incidents, breaches, and theft. Furthermore, in a single-tenant cloud environment like that offered by Bravura Security, the risk of exposure to vulnerabilities and penetration attacks is isolated. While multi-tenant hosts work to mitigate cybersecurity risks, the increased number of cloud resources, passwords, and users inherently make a multi-tenant cloud environment a higher risk.

Foster Hybrid Environments

What’s the best of both worlds (on-premises and the cloud)? 

In the hybrid era of work, businesses can also leverage IDaaS solutions to provide remote access to conventional enterprise applications hosted in on-premises or in private clouds. 

IDaaS gives enterprise businesses a single pane of glass for identity across your organizational platforms regardless of where the identity needs to be used.


Face Threats and the Future

IDaaS helps future-proof your organization, offering increased efficiencies, savings, security, and proficiencies. As you prepare for threats and the future, consider the only singular identity and access management platform: Bravura Security Fabric. Instead of an array of solutions and providers, you can transform your digital identity and access security with one suite of IDaaS-powered solutions, including password management, password safe, identity access management, and privileged access management

Learn how SaaS (and IDaaS) create a cohesive and future-forward identity-based cybersecurity solution that modern enterprises require with our SaaS Bravura Security Fabric.