Day in the Life of an IAM Leader with Identity Analytics

Insights to Action at Universities and Colleges with Bravura Cloud

Mastering IAM and IGA Programs as An Identity Security Leader

The day-to-day life of an IAM Manager, Director, or CISO is a complex ballet of securing sensitive information while facilitating an environment conducive to learning and research. Let's walk through the transformative power of automation in identity security with Bravura Cloud identity analytics, as seen through the lens of a typical day in the life of an IAM leader. 

Universities and colleges are increasingly recognizing the need for secure academic and business enablement to effectively serve their students, faculty, and staff. This entails facilitating a smooth onboarding and offboarding process for affiliated individuals while ensuring timely and appropriate access to necessary resources. By adopting an automation-focused strategy, educational institutions can streamline these processes and reap additional benefits, such as easier compliance with regulations, risk mitigation, and a reduction in IT support costs. 

Dashboard-Driven Insights and Governance Across Campus

As a leader in Identity Security, imagine being able to log into Bravura Cloud and land on a dashboard where key performance indicators for affiliations are immediately visible, offering insights into the percentage of identities governed by clear policies and spotlighting any unaffiliated identities. The leader can track changes over time, gaining a clear understanding of the current identity foundation. 

With the ability to delve into specific identities, the leader can click on an individual record to navigate its history through both the dashboard and the inventory view. This granular approach allows for a detailed analysis of each identity's journey, highlighting areas for continuous improvement. 

Through Bravura Cloud, you can confidently oversee and refine the institution's identity management policies, ensuring they are always aligned with the dynamic needs of the academic environment. This platform is more than a tool; it's a strategic partner in maintaining a secure, efficient, and compliant digital campus. 


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Staff analyzing Bravura Cloud

The Start of a Secure Day - Assessing the Landscape

As the sun rises, so does the challenge of managing thousands of digital identities. The first order of the day is to log into Bravura Cloud with the simplicity and robust security of Bravura Cloud's passwordless FIDO2 solution—Bravura OneAuth. This feature exemplifies our commitment to safeguarding access while ensuring a seamless user experience. It's just one of the many ways we're modernizing the approach to digital campus security.  

The dashboard greets you with an overview of your institution's identity health, displaying real-time insights into onboarding, entitlements, and compliance status.  It helps you make security a compelling investment for institutional enablement, one that resonates with departmental decision-makers at all levels. 

Identifying Risks Over Coffee

With a hot cup of java in hand, the beverage not the programming language, you review the analytics dashboard. It reveals a spike in provisioning times, and you make a note to investigate further. You appreciate how Bravura's insights turn what could be an overwhelming data deluge into actionable intelligence. 

Performing An Institutional Health Check

The robust metrics offer a comprehensive view of your institution's identity system health. These insights are not just numbers—they tell a story of operational efficiency and potential areas for enhancement. For instance, if user provisioning is lagging, the analytics dashboard quantifies this delay, transforming it from a security concern into an actionable opportunity for improvement.


Automated Workflows to Streamline Access

After identifying areas for improvement, you initiate automated workflows to streamline access rights for new faculty members. The seamless integration of Bravura Cloud with existing systems simplifies this process, enhancing productivity without compromising security.  

Equipped with these insights, corrective actions are just a click away. With intuitive action links, you can reset passwords, update identity details, or open support tickets with ease. This interactive feature ensures that insights quickly translate into actions, strengthening your institution's security posture. 

Affiliations Dashboard As A Strategic Tool

Explore the customized affiliation management dashboard, designed for identity oversight in academia. This interface offers insights for monitoring affiliation patterns and ensuring compliance, simplifying the educational process. Access key metrics like user base growth and affiliation distribution, and identify unaffiliated individuals, helping to prevent policy breaches and facilitate prompt corrective actions. The system scrutinizes faculty affiliations, vital for upholding academic integrity, by reviewing access policies and resource allocation.

Password Policy Challenges: A Closer Look

Scrolling further, we delve into the details of our password policy challenges. It highlights concerns with password policy compliance, using a comprehensive rule library to examine users and groups for security risks. Trend reports may reveal a concerning pattern, indicating that adherence has been a persistent struggle. With the option to download a list of individuals not meeting the compliance rule, you can facilitate a constructive and collaborative approach to resolving these issues. 






Compliance and Communication at a Glance

Post-lunch hours are dedicated to compliance. You examine the reports on adherence to the principle of least privilege and privacy regulations. These reports will be crucial for the upcoming audit and demonstrate the robustness of your identity security program. 

Crafting Policies For Compliance

Entering the inventory UI, we arrive at the policy management control panel. It's a centralized hub where compliance rules are not just monitored but actively shaped and refined. Built on open standards, such as the Open Policy Agent, policy integration in Bravura is seamless and effective.  And that’s a good thing because you’ve identified the need to craft a new policy rule.  Thanks to open standards you feed a prompt into your company provided, private AI, and it drafts a rule in short order that you just need to tweak.  

Engaging with Stakeholders

You spend the latter part of the afternoon presenting Bravura Cloud's capabilities to stakeholders. You emphasize how it has streamlined operations, improved user experience, and strengthened compliance, all while keeping the academic mission at the forefront. 

Bravura Cloud Dashboard

Planning and Continuous Improvements

As the day winds down, you reflect on the achievements and plan for continued improvements. With Bravura Cloud, you have a comprehensive view of your identity landscape, allowing for strategic planning and proactive policy refinement. 

API-First Strategy: Enabling Real-Time Integration

With Bravura Cloud's API-first strategy, every feature and functionality you encounter is accessible via APIs. These APIs are crucial for subscribing to real-time notifications of identity lifecycle events and compliance rule failures, enabling swift integration with your existing security products as you enhance your identity threat detection and response capabilities. 

Preparing for Tomorrow

Before signing off, you set up alerts for any identity lifecycle events and compliance rule failures. You leave the office knowing that Bravura Cloud's automation will ensure the security of your institution's digital realm, even after hours. 

Harness Strategic Foresight to Automate Security

Our platform is designed to adapt to the unique challenges of academic institutions, offering tailored solutions that prioritize security and operational efficiency to revolutionize security within higher education.

Gain Strategic Oversight 

  • Unified Dashboards: A comprehensive view of identities across the institution, ensuring all are managed with precision. 
  • Advanced Analytics: Deep insights into lifecycle policy compliance and areas in need of improvement. 
  • Open Standards Commitment: APIs and tools for policy management and enforcement that uphold the highest industry standards. 
  • Customizable Grouping: Accurate affiliation and permission modeling that reflects the diverse needs of the academic community. 

Adopt a Strategic Approach to Identity Management 

  • Comprehensive View: The dashboard provides a clear picture of the institution's capacity to deliver secure, efficient, and seamless identity services. 
  • Focused Enhancements: Discovery of gaps in policy adherence prompts targeted improvements and strategies for mitigation. 
  • AI Friendly: Built on open standards ensures that admins can leverage Generative AI making short order of the mundane. 
  • Inclusive Campus Culture: Customizable identity policies foster a respectful and inclusive environment for all users. 
  • Strategic Planning Empowerment: Continuous refinement of identity and access governance strategies is facilitated by the platform's insights and tools. 
Security Data Engine

Conceptual functional capability of the platform that is responsible for getting all your Bravura Security and third-party data applications into the repository. 

Password Governance

Enhance your identity security by systematically managing rules and practices for creating, securing, and managing passwords to safeguard data, comply with regulations, and maintaining the security and trustworthiness of your organization's digital assets.

Centralized Entitlements

Manage and control access permissions and privileges from a single, central authority to strengthen security, ensure consistency and efficiency in access management, provide visibility for auditing and monitoring, mitigate risks, support scalability, enable quick responses to change, and adhere to compliance requirements.

Just-In-Time Access

Provide users with temporary, on-demand permissions only when needed, reducing security risks and ensuring access aligns with immediate tasks to reduce the attack surface, mitigate insider threats, improve compliance, streamline operations, and provide your organization with the agility needed to adapt to changing access requirements.

Identity Behavioural Monitoring

Analyze user actions and patterns to detect anomalies or suspicious behavior for enhanced security and threat detection to proactively identify and mitigate security threats, including insider threats and unauthorized access to maintain a robust security posture, comply with regulations, and respond effectively to security incidents. 

Gain Instant Insights with Minimal Effort, Risk, and Cost

Wrap Your Home Grown and Off-the-Shelf Products in a Modular Identity Solution

By adopting an automation-focused strategy starting with identity analytics in your existing environment, educational institutions can streamline security processes and reap additional benefits, such as easier compliance with regulations, risk mitigation, and a reduction in IT support costs.

A Modular Approach That Delivers Immediate Value

The Bravura Security Fabric offers a modular approach that delivers immediate value in addressing high-value problems today and supports growth as the institution's identity program matures over time. This comprehensive solution includes:

As an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) planning solution, Bravura Security Fabric assists in identifying security gaps and is pivotal in strategizing the selection of components for a robust Identity Security architecture.


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As an IAM leader in academia, your role is pivotal in shaping a secure and productive educational environment. By embracing the power of automation with Bravura Security Fabric, you transform the complex ecosystem of identity management into a harmonious symphony of security and efficiency. 

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