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Universities and colleges need solutions that are carefully designed to bolster security without hindering academic goals or administrative efficiency for faculty, students, and staff. During the recent EDUCAUSE Demo Day Cybersecurity Tools event, Bravura Security highlighted how our solutions cater to the distinctive needs of universities and colleges. The session showcased the Bravura Security Fabric, including Bravura Cloud. Presented by Solution Engineer Bryan Christ and Chief Technology Officer Ian Reay, offers a tool for continuous improvement that not only provides daily and quarterly insights into an institution's security posture but also helps articulate the narrative of how security enables the academic experience. As an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) planning solution, Bravura Security Fabric assists in identifying security gaps and is pivotal in strategizing the selection of components for a robust Identity Security architecture.


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Ian Reay, Chief Technology Officer, Bravura Security



Bryan Christ, Senior Identity Solutions Engineer, Bravura Security

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The demonstration begins featuring an analytics engine adept at providing universities and colleges with a dashboard replete with insightful data. Engineered to meld with existing legacy, homegrown systems, and other IDPs like Okta seamlessly, Bravura Cloud equips users with a holistic view of an institution's identity infrastructure, pinpointing inefficiencies in provisioning and endorsing a data-centric methodology for enhancing operational effectiveness.

Affiliation Engine and the Intricacies of Entitlement Management

The Affiliation Engine is a solution adept at navigating the intricacies of managing overlapping entitlements endemic to educational settings. The engine aims to automate and simplify identity lifecycle management processes, adeptly supporting the management of an ever-growing roster of identities that educational institutions, particularly alumni systems, must maintain indefinitely.

The Unique Cybersecurity Hurdles of Higher Education

The distinct hurdles that universities and colleges face in identity and cyber security, such as staffing constraints, funding shortages, and a dependence on home grown systems can be a notable. An automation-first ethos for addressing identity and access management and governance challenges, underscores how automation enhances backend proficiency and enriches the user experience.

Streamlining Compliance Amidst a Sea of Regulations

With educational institutions besieged by an avalanche of regulations, Bravura Security's offerings simplify adherence by homing in on the crux of compliance: identities, entitlements, and privacy-centric frameworks. Bravura Cloud empowers institutions to automate compliance, ensuring audit readiness through comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools.

A Modular, Integrated Security Fabric

The Bravura Security Fabric presents a holistic solution ensemble that encompasses identity management, password governance, privileged access management, and FIDO2 MFA solutions—all highly customizable and capable of integrating with the existing digital identity ecosystem.


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1 Explore a comprehensive snapshot of your institution's identity integrity, showcasing up-to-the-minute data on onboarding processes, access privileges, and adherence to compliance standards.
Bravura Cloud efficiently manages faulty access
2 Initiate automated workflows with Bravura Cloud to efficiently manage new faculty access rights, ensuring a smooth integration with current systems for optimized security and productivity.
Assess Bravura reports for audit readiness
3 Detailed reports on compliance with least privilege and privacy standards, essential for the forthcoming audit and showcasing the strength of your identity security measures.

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