How Zauber Limited Found a Reliable Partner + Robust IAM and PAM in One

Colin Duffy

August 31, 2021

For more than two decades, Zauber Limited’s elite team has been a leader in IT support and implementation, with specialties in building new architectures, re-platforming existing solutions, and optimizing the operation of current technologies with implementation and managed operational support services. 

As the IT and cybersecurity requirements of its clients have evolved, Zauber’s adapted its services to meet those needs. In recent years that’s meant greatly expanding access management — especially identity access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM) — which has become essential to organizations’ cybersecurity strategies. 

To provide these solutions for its clients, Zauber set out to find reliable IAM, PAM, and broader cybersecurity partners to help meet its clients’ current needs, as well as those that may arise in the future. Along the way, it identified key success factors for these solutions.

Well Architected and Engineered Software + Proven Best Practices

A strong cybersecurity solution starts with a well-built, secure foundation (i.e. a single code base in source control). From there, strong best practices for software development, testing, and a regular release cycle ensure that well-defined versions of the product make it easy to integrate and support systems of all ages. Zauber understands this reliable structure, plus a tested process, gives its clients the strong technology they need to build their cybersecurity strategies on.

Breadth of Integration Options + Reliable Connectors

Strong integrations are key in building a secure and scalable environment. A wide range of frequently-updated connectors (plus strong support) that are easy to install give cybersecurity solutions added flexibility. They’re essential for both input and output to seamlessly integrate a cybersecurity solution with the rest of an organization's network. For Zauber clients, this room for growth paired with reliable, secure integrations was absolutely essential.

Responsive Support + Training Resources

Implementation is just the first step. Once the solution is up and running, organizations need to know they have the resources required to optimize this critical technology. That means support and training resources that actually deliver on their promises by empowering businesses to problem solve. If something does go wrong, knowing there is a resource to help solve those issues is a must-have for cybersecurity solutions. Zauber knew that its cybersecurity partners needed to deliver not just on the technology, but on the know-how to provide ongoing support for its clients, too.

A Robust and Reliable Partner and Solution

Ultimately Zauber was able to address all of these requirements (all in one platform) with  the Bravura Security Fabric. With this unified cybersecurity solution, Zauber was able to implement Bravura Identity, Privilege, Pass, Group, and Discover to address clients’ needs for IAM, PAM, password management solutions, and more. 

Not only are clients happy with the results from the Bravura Security solutions, they’re ready to upgrade and invest further in changes and maintenance. The architecture of the Bravura Security Fabric makes it simple to add new capabilities and scale your solutions, all in one platform. 

Learn more about how Bravura Security is helping Zauber meet its clients cybersecurity needs in the full case study.

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