No Room for Human Error: How Colt Tightened up IAM & PAM

Colin Duffy

April 29, 2021

A strong cybersecurity strategy is a critical factor for any organization, but for Colt Telecommunications, whose clients include data-intensive organizations spanning over 210 cities in more than 30 countries, a secure network is absolutely essential to business success.

IAM and PAM Tightening Up

The risk of human error due to manual processes for identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM) was a growing concern, along with the need for better processes for both onboarding and offboarding. The team knew automation was a must and needed a streamlined, simple-to-use platform to address these key issues. 

Explore All Use Cases

Finding the right solution for any organization’s cybersecurity needs has to start with a deep understanding of all potential use cases. That responsibility falls not only on the business itself but also the vendors they’re exploring to solve those problems. It was through this process that Colt came to discover that few vendors could deliver both IAM and PAM in one solution.

A good vendor should be able to both identify what challenges it can help address, as well as the ones it can’t. While the Bravura Security Fabric covers an incredible amount of use cases for business identity and access management needs, we acknowledge that some very specific use cases may be beyond our capabilities. Fortunately, our expansive ecosystem of connectors allows companies to easily and seamlessly integrate additional features in those rare instances. 

As a true partner, we want to help organizations find a solution that fully meets their needs. For Colt, that meant the combination of Bravura Identity, Privilege, and Pass.


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Start With Automation

With many processes still handled manually, human error was a real concern for Colt — particularly around permissions for privileged accounts and onboarding and offboarding credentials. That’s one reason why automation was at the top of its priority list, but automation solves much more than process mistakes. 

Colt was also facing challenges with bandwidth as teams were stuck with time-consuming tasks that still relied on spreadsheets and manual input. By prioritizing automation, Colt hoped to not only secure these critical processes but also give back the time that was needlessly dedicated to it — time that could be spent on more innovative, business-growing tasks.

Prioritize With Phased Deployment

With a complex collection of challenges to tackle, it can be tempting to try to solve all problems at once. However, biting off too much at once can frequently lead to scattered processes or, even worse, no action at all.

That’s why a phased implementation was crucial for success, starting with the most significant identity and access management issues Colt faced. By beginning with the deployment of Bravura Identity, the Colt team was able to start automating and solving its top IAM struggles in parallel to the deployment of Bravura Privilege.


A Scalable, Flexible Solution

With a single platform in place within Bravura Security Fabric, Colt now has the single platform it needs to streamline IAM and PAM across its global telecom team.

By automating and simplifying these critical tasks, Colt now has even more time for business-growing initiatives and continuing to innovate the world of telecommunications.

Bravura Security is the only cybersecurity industry leader able to deliver password, identity, group and privileged access management across a single platform, easing implementation as organizations’ IAM and PAM roadmaps evolve. You can learn more about the IAM and PAM challenges Colt faced and the solutions Bravura Security implemented to overcome them here: Colt Telecommunications Case Study.