Colt Telecommunications

Robust IAM and PAM in One

Colt Telecommunications knew it needed to find a better solution for identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM). However, its search for a solution that streamlined these critical processes for its specific use cases was proving challenging. With Bravura Security Fabric, it was able to find the right combination of solutions to achieve its IAM and PAM goals in one, single platform. 

The Challenge

Managing users and their access around the world presents a complex, but essential IAM challenge for Colt, which has teams in the UK, North America, Europe, and Asia. Internal audits identified multiple areas of improvement for teams struggling with the time and potential of human error with manual processes throughout. The provisioning and de-provisioning of user birthright access led to inconsistency and delays. 

The many hours dedicated to the manual review of user entitlement managed via multiple spreadsheets was not a sustainable solution. Additionally, Colt also needed to address access controls, including segregation of duty (SOD). They also had issues with users having excessive or inappropriate security entitlements. 

With a list of requirements that spanned both IAM and PAM, with specific password requirements as well, finding a solution that seamlessly addressed all of these needs was the goal. However, as Colt explored its options for IAM and PAM, the team quickly discovered that few vendors offer both in a single platform.

The Solution

With priorities spanning IAM and PAM, Colt was in search of a platform that could deliver on all of its needs in a single solution. They needed key processes automated and access protocols tightened up from onboarding to offboarding and everywhere in between. 

Identifying the right vendor to address their challenges was a challenge in itself. Colt’s Vice President, Security and Resilience, Venkatesh Ravindran, cites a focus on the organization’s specific use cases as an important benchmark for the evaluation of potential solutions. “Understanding how a product or solution would help us solve all of our use cases was key in mapping out potential vendors to solve our IAM and PAM challenges.” 

Ultimately, Colt chose Bravura Security as its vendor to support both identity and privileged access, by implementing Bravura Identity, Privilege, and Pass across a total of 7,000 user licenses and 2,000 managed systems. Bravura Security’s integrated approach as part of the Bravura Security Fabric and competitive pricing were key considerations in Colt’s final decision. 

According to Ravindran, “Normally other vendor products don’t provide both capabilities. We were glad to find a solution that met both of those crucial needs at a competitive price.”

An experienced vendor will work with your team to not only identify the right solution for your organization’s needs, but also discover the right way to implement that solution. Moving as quickly as possible to address Colt’s needs, Bravura Identity, Privilege, and Pass were deployed in a phased approach. The implementation started with Bravura Identity to quickly address Colt’s pressing issues with onboarding and offboarding.

The Outcome

Now that Bravura Identity and Privilege have been deployed, Colt has one integrated suite and set of connectors for identity governance and administration, password management and self-service, and privileged access management

This robust identity management process with better controls has allowed Colt to automate access provisions for its onboarding process, eliminating significant amounts of time once spent on manual implementation. The same time-saving automated steps have also been applied to offboarding — saving Colt’s teams around the world countless hours.

Colt looks forward to building on this success with the implementation of Bravura Pass and also has SOD and the further integration of applications to automate data refresh for recertification on its list of next steps. Bravura Security’s unmatched library of connectors will make this possible and painless.

“Bravura Security’s customizable product has already helped address many of our specific use cases,” says Ravindran. “The connector library available for the product has allowed us the flexibility we need to cover both IAM and PAM.”

With Bravura Security Fabric in place, Colt now has the single platform it needs to streamline IAM and PAM across its global telecom team. By automating and simplifying these critical tasks, Colt now has even more time for business-growing initiatives and continues its mission to innovate the world of telecommunications.

Bravura Security at a Glance

Bravura Security is the only industry leader delivering identity and privileged access management across a single platform to ease implementation as your IAM and PAM roadmaps evolve.

"Normally other vendor products don't provide both capabilities. We were glad to find a solution that met both of those crucial needs at a competitive price."

— Vice President, Security and Resilience