The Future of IAM & PAM: Bravura Security Fabric

Ian Reay

January 4, 2021

In the age of digital transformation, protecting against threats is increasingly complex but also crucial as organizations face a constantly evolving cyberattack landscape.

This swiftly shifting environment has left many organizations with a collection of insufficient options when it comes to their identity and access (IAM) and privileged access (PAM) management solutions. Some must prioritize one essential service over another. Others have to patch together multiple services and platforms to cover their needs. Then there are those who have to settle for an incomplete system due to legacy assets.

What's the Solution to Insufficient Options for IAM and PAM Management?

Organizations need flexibility and reliability to power these critical systems with technological and architectural building blocks that protect, manage, and govern the entire IAM and PAM infrastructure.

Bravura Security Fabric delivers on all of the above with a singular, powerful framework and platform that brings together all the layers of IAM and PAM solutions organizations need to manage and protect their most critical and sensitive identity data.

Bravura Security has always strived to help businesses achieve access management success, and our latest solution and architecture, the Bravura Security Fabric, continues that tradition.

The Right Platform and Framework

First and foremost, the Bravura Security Fabric offers all of the IAM and PAM solutions organizations need in one place. The Bravura Security Fabric brings together mature automation and detection, governance and compliance, analytics and reporting.

Plus, as a single open architecture platform and the industry’s largest organically grown connector portfolio, it offers a robust API platform to complete your security strategy. That means no more patching together solutions and potentially creating system vulnerabilities in the process. IT leaders can also simplify vendor selection and program deployment, streamline SLAs, and lower the overall cost.

Right-Sized for Your Business Needs

Bravura Security Fabric isn’t solely a single solution for your IAM and PAM needs — it’s actually five. The security fabric architecture includes: Identity, Privilege, Pass, Group, and our threat detection layer Discover. This collection of services allows companies to weave patterns of functionality to protect against continual threats and ensure your identity and access security program is covered.

Every organization may not yet need this robust of a solution. That’s why the Bravura Security Fabric is built to be easily scaled up or down based on business needs. As new threats are uncovered or your roadmap evolves, turn services on or off as needed without the need to install other products.

Equipped to Combat Complex Cyberattacks Head On

What’s the best weapon organizations can deploy against increasingly sophisticated attacks? Automation. The Bravura Security Fabric automation-first approach gives IT teams agility to accurately configure your identity and access solution and provide continual protection.

Bravura secures your systems faster and more effectively than access certification and individual products. That’s just the start. Our threat and detection response layer, Bravura Discover, gets ahead of the game by revealing changing risks before they happen and identifying threats below the surface — allowing your team time to resolve them before they become a larger issue.

The Right Roadmap for Your Industry

With more than two decades of experience and deployments around the world, Bravura Security has honed in on how to deliver faster time to value across industries. We used these best practices to develop the Bravura Security Fabric and the supporting Patterns customized for industries and products. These templatized solutions reduce time, cost and risk for IAM deployments from months to days.

The Power of One

y creating one, single source of truth for IAM and PAM solutions, the Bravura Security Fabric empowers organizations to better navigate the increasingly difficult terrain of cybersecurity. You can learn more about Bravura Security Fabric and the future of IAM and PAM through our on demand sessions from our first Digital Identity & Access Virtual Summit.