The Missing Piece of Your Hybrid IT? A Cybersecurity SaaS Solution

Bart Allan

February 15, 2022

From CRM to ERP and beyond, the cloud’s rise to prominence has claimed countless business processes. As a result, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions have simplified and automated once time-consuming tasks and freed up IT teams to focus on more strategic endeavors. However, with rare exceptions, few organizations operate completely in the cloud. Most companies are in that in-between state, either still in the process of migrating or may be otherwise restricted by the likes of regulatory and/or data privacy requirements. 

Whatever the reason, this “halfway there” status has left most organizations with a hybrid IT architecture, navigating both in the cloud and on-premises. While this state has benefits, it can also present some challenges — particularly when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Fortifying the connections between cloud applications and on-premises IT environments can be difficult. There are additional apps and infrastructure to manage, not to mention the logins that come with them. However, this complexity makes having a strong cybersecurity strategy even more essential.  Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) is helping organizations bridge that gap and ensure their systems are secure, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises.

If your business is operating in a hybrid IT architecture, a SaaS cybersecurity solution isn’t just nice to have, it’s critical to ensure your on-premises and cloud environments are kept secure.

Stay Flexible and Secure

By its very nature, hybrid IT opens environments up to vulnerabilities. Bringing together cloud and physical environments requires connectors or integrations, which often serve as entry points for hackers. To protect against these inherent gaps, cybersecurity solutions need to be flexible enough to cover both on-premises, the cloud, and the gaps between the two (aka the space where IDaaS thrives).

IDaaS is especially ideal for cloud and mobile-first hybrid IT models with a mix of business and personal devices. A SaaS cybersecurity solution provides the flexibility these more dynamic environments need, compared to the rigidity  of on-premises solutions. 

Seamlessly Protect In-Office and Work From Home

With the significant increase in work from home over the last two years, organizations have had to rethink their security solutions beyond the four walls of their offices. Before this WFH surge, many companies simply didn’t allow remote access to applications. That’s no longer a sustainable option.

In this hybrid era of work, businesses need to be able to provide secure, remote access to  enterprise applications, whether they’re in the cloud or hosted in on-site data centers. By leveraging IDaaS solutions, they can ensure employees not only have access to the tools they need (regardless of where they’re logging in from), but that they’re protected.

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Provide Comprehensive Coverage

Just like the hybrid environments it protects, today’s cybersecurity landscape is more complex than ever before (with more and more attack vectors to account for). Organizations not only need a cybersecurity strategy that accounts for both their cloud and on-premise environments, they must have IDaaS that protects across vectors. 

In many cases, organizations are solving this challenge with multiple solutions (i.e. one for identity and access management, another for privileged access, and yet another for federation of identities). This approach isn’t sustainable, especially when you add a hybrid environment to the mix. A singular solution (like Bravura Security Fabric) can cut down on additional risk by housing all of these protections in one platform, rather than integrating multiple solutions (and potentially creating multiple vulnerabilities). 

Secure Hybrid IT Workloads 

As organizations digitally transform their business operations, cloud-delivered identity architectures that can support both on-premises and cloud workloads are essential. The Bravura Security Fabric as a service is the only comprehensive security fabric that increases identity and privileged access visibility and reduces risk across your hybrid IT environment so your team can focus on your business. And while most organizations can’t yet fully commit to the cloud, it’s time for every business to embrace IDaaS.

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