Why CIOs are Prioritizing and Investing in Identity and Access Management

Nick Brown

August 13, 2020

CIOs and IT leaders have two major priorities right now. The first is dealing with new cybersecurity challenges created by remote work. The second is how to make sure working from home is efficient, secure, and productive.

That’s what a recent survey, conducted by Pulse on behalf of Bravura Security, found. When asked about their priorities for the rest of 2020, 89% of IT leaders said cybersecurity, while 82% said enabling a remote workforce.

When it comes to their cybersecurity goals, 43% of respondents said they were investing in identity and access management — the most of any of the tools listed. Some 34% are investing in endpoint security, and 17% pursuing security awareness training.

Companies are Prioritizing IAM

Why are so many companies prioritizing IAM and how will these trends play out in the years ahead?

I recently talked to TechRepublic reporter Karen Roby about the survey results, the drivers behind IT leaders’ priorities, and what companies everywhere are realizing about remote work.

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