Digital Identity Solutions for the Retail Industry

Safeguard Sensitive Information and Offer Exceptional Customer Experience

Managing digital identity in retail is a multi-pronged challenge. You must meet your employees' data access needs while safeguarding sensitive information and offering an exceptional customer experience. Bravura Security Fabric can help you do it all.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets With Bravura Security Fabric

It's essential for today's retail and e-commerce companies to enact a zero-trust policy for resource access. At the same time, it's crucial to support appropriate information exchange. Our platform capabilities let you do both.

Bravura Security Fabric is the only complete resource access management solution on the market.


Simplify Credential Management and Login Security With Bravura Pass

Bravura Pass supports federated identity management and single sign-on (SSO) user experiences in one platform. Reduce the burden on your help desk with self-service tools to request password resets and manage security questions while enforcing multifactor authentication (MFA). Our solution lets your team spend more time focusing on customers with a hassle-free sign-on experience. 


Ensure Employee Access to Vital Systems With Bravura Identity

Compassionate customer service starts with access to the correct information. Empower your sales team with role-based account access to make product recommendations that increase average order value and customer loyalty. Give your fulfillment team data to package and forward orders accurately.

With Bravura Identity, you configure cross-platform and role-based access to reinforce data security and the principles of least privilege. You're in control of who can see and change data, from product stock to order shipping details, across the digital user life span.


Maintain Customer Data Privacy With Bravura OneAuth

Retail security breaches can cause significant financial loss and damage a business's reputation. With Bravura OneAuth, you can proactively prevent unauthorized data access. Use our platform to implement one-touch MFA with biometrics or a mobile app to guard against phishing and potential fraud.


Manage Decentralized Passwords and Secrets With Bravura Safe

Bravura Safe helps prevent risks associated with decentralized passwords and other secrets, like corporate credit cards and certificates. Randomize and store passwords in the encrypted vault while maintaining IT security team control. Keeping credentials centralized reduces your risk exposure. 


Support Regulatory Compliance With Bravura Privilege

National and worldwide retailers operate under differing data privacy laws. Bravura Privilege safeguards high-level information and privileged accounts by helping you identify who is accessing what data and how they use it. You'll have complete visibility to create audit logs and documentation to help enforce access policies and compliance efforts.


Maximize Your Investment

When you work with us, you get today's most complete privileged access management tool. Cloud-based Bravura Security Fabric lets you:

  • Scale as needed: Add or eliminate users when business needs change without expensive on-site infrastructure purchases.
  • Safeguard across your systems: Whether you rely on legacy applications, cutting-edge technology or some combination, we can manage data access across your interfaces.
  • Customize your solution: You can tailor our platform to your data security and access needs and policies.
  • Boost your business reputation: Our platform solidifies you as a seller who takes customer privacy seriously, inspiring long-term trust and value with an enhanced security posture.

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