Securing Your Data: Comprehensive Guidance to Governing AI Identities in IAM

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In an era of technological advancement where AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming a game-changer in many industries, it is crucial for organizations to understand how to effectively govern AI identities, including those acting as AI assistants, within their Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategies. This webinar is designed to help participants navigate the complexities, emerging pitfalls, and legal implications of AI identity governance and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

During this interactive session, our IAM and InfoSec experts dive into the essentials of integrating AI identities into your IAM strategy, ensuring effective governance, and maintaining compliance. We will explore the challenges and unparalleled opportunities that AI presents to assist your organization within in the IAM landscape, showcasing real-life scenarios and providing practical solutions to issues that could have detrimental consequences. 

Key Topics include:

  • Understanding the role of AI, data, and access controls in IAM and its implications for identity governance. 
  • Strategies for considering AI identities and integrating into your existing IAM strategy. 
  • Practical steps to ensure regulatory compliance when governing AI identities. 
  • Insights into future trends in AI identity governance and IAM. 

Whether you're an IT professional, a compliance officer, or a business leader looking to enhance your organization's IAM strategy, this webinar will provide valuable insights and practical guidance plus an opportunity to learn how you can factor the benefits of identity analytics into your IAM strategy. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your organization's IAM strategy is robust, compliant, and future-proofed. 

Why Watch the AI Identity Governance Webinar?

For professionals eager to deepen their understanding of AI’s role in IAM and to refine their strategies for AI identity governance, this webinar is an invaluable resource. 

  • Enhanced Understanding: The webinar complements provides a comprehensive look into the role of AI, data, and access controls in IAM. It addresses the implications for identity governance, building upon the principles discussed.

  • Interactive Expertise: Our IAM and InfoSec experts discuss the intricacies of integrating AI identities into existing IAM frameworks.  

  • Real-World Applications: By showcasing actual scenarios, the webinar contextualizes the challenges and solutions in a tangible way. This practical approach helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and actionable strategies.

  • Forward-Looking Strategies: The session not only covers current best practices but also offer a glimpse into future trends in AI identity governance. This foresight can be crucial for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Compliance Guidance: As regulatory landscapes evolve, the webinar offers up-to-date advice on maintaining compliance when governing AI identities. This is critical for organizations that must navigate complex legal requirements.

Who Will Find The Content Valueable?

This webinar is tailored for a diverse group of professionals, including:

  • IT professionals tasked with securing their organization's digital assets.
  • Compliance officers responsible for ensuring adherence to industry regulations.
  • Business leaders seeking to fortify their IAM strategies in light of AI advancements.
  • Security architects and engineers looking to integrate AI identities effectively.

Webinar Highlights

During the session, the content delves into key topics that are essential for any robust IAM strategy:

  • Understanding AI in IAM: We explore the significance of AI and machine identities, examining their impact on identity governance frameworks.

  • Integration Strategies: Learn how to consider AI identities within your IAM strategies, ensuring seamless integration.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Get actionable steps to help ensure that your organization remains compliant with industry standards and regulations when governing AI identities.

  • Future Trends: Insights into emerging trends will equip you with the knowledge to future-proof you IAM strategies.

  • 5 Point Checklist: Get access to a summary checklist to help you govern AI identities in your strategy.


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Bryan Christ

Bravura Security

Sales Engineer

Bryan specializes in security and access governance. For more than twenty years, he has focused on open-source and software development opportunities with an emphasis on project management, team leadership, and executive oversight including experience as  a VCIO in the Greater Houston area. He was recently published in Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal.


Ian Reay

Bravura Security

Chief Technology Officer

Ian is a key member of the executive leadership team, accountable for leading a mature, scalable, and high-performing development organization, delivering all engineering-related activities. He started out as a developer with the company in 2006 and has taken on increasingly large roles in developing the company’s identity, privilege, password, and passwordless strategies and solutions. Ian's responsibilities include setting technology and tooling direction, prioritizing feature requests, managing release scope and timelines, the build infrastructure and UI/UX. 


Jim Skidmore


VP, Solutions Group

Jim, a consultative Solutions Executive, help clients implement on-prem and cloud based SAAS Solutions to achieve desired outcomes across cybersecurity, compliance and risk management, IoT, and AI. Jim has consulting experience in a variety technical disciplines including eradicating compliance issues. 

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