Re-imagining: Passwords, Defense, and Your Culture of Security



Creating a strong culture of security is essential in today's threat landscape. This involves more than just implementing the right tools; it requires fostering an environment where every employee is invested in protecting the organization's digital assets. This webinar explores how to engage users with a password-free feel that also serves as a stringent, first line of defense. Learn how to create a dynamic security culture that empowers users to rely on automated best practices and transforms your password management defenses with innovative password management strategies for breach prevention. 

In this webinar, we discuss: 

  • How to elevate user engagement to create a dynamic security culture that's always ahead of the threat curve. 
  • Revolutionizing password practices: Saying goodbye to vulnerabilities and hello to hacker-thwarting habits. 
  • Transform users into guardians of their digital gateways with frictionless yet impenetrable access. 
  • Quantify your security efficacy—track, tweak, and triumph with a security culture that's second to none. 

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Bryan Christ

Bravura Security

Sales Engineer

Bryan specializes in security and access governance. For more than twenty years, he has focused on open-source and software development opportunities with an emphasis on project management, team leadership, and executive oversight including experience as  a VCIO in the Greater Houston area. He was recently published in Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal.


Ian Reay

Bravura Security

Chief Technology Officer

Ian is a key member of the executive leadership team, accountable for leading a mature, scalable, and high-performing development organization, delivering all engineering-related activities. He started out as a developer with the company in 2006 and has taken on increasingly large roles in developing the company’s identity, privilege, password, and passwordless strategies and solutions. Ian's responsibilities include setting technology and tooling direction, prioritizing feature requests, managing release scope and timelines, the build infrastructure and UI/UX.