Empowering Upfield's "Better Plant-Based Future" through Automated Identity


In our era of focus on sustainability and innovation, Upfield has emerged as a trailblazer with its vision of creating a "Better Plant-Based Future." This vision, integrated throughout Upfield's operations, from product development to environmental performance, demands a robust yet agile approach to identity management. Join us for an informative webinar to dig into the vital role of identity automation in realizing Upfield's vision and shaping the future of sustainable business practices. 

Watch on-demand Empowering Upfield's "Better Plant-Based Future" through Automated Identity, presented with our customer Upfield, recorded during our third annual Power Of One Conference. 

Key Highlights 

  • Upfield's Journey: Gain insights from Upfield's own experts as they discuss their journey towards integrating identity automation. Discover real-world challenges faced and the transformative impact on their operations. 

  • Aligning with Upfield's Vision: Upfield's commitment to a "Better Plant-Based Future" requires a digital ecosystem that is efficient and secure yet adaptable. This session will explore how automated identity seamlessly integrates with Upfield's mission, optimizing processes and allowing resources to be focused where they matter most. 

  • Accelerating Innovation: To drive innovation, Upfield's teams need freedom to explore and experiment. Automated identity access management empowers them with rapid and secure access to resources, minimizing administrative hurdles. We'll discuss how this accelerates product development cycles and fosters a culture of innovation. 

  • Elevating Sustainability Practices: Sustainable practices are at the core of Upfield's identity. Learn how identity automation enables fine-grained control over access to critical systems, ensuring that environmental performance data and sensitive information are guarded while promoting transparency and accountability. 

  • Secure Collaboration and Remote Work: Upfield's diverse teams collaborate across geographic boundaries. Discover how identity automation strengthens security for remote work scenarios, enabling seamless yet secure access to resources, applications, and data from anywhere in the world. 

  • Compliance and Audit Excellence: Upholding the highest standards of compliance is non-negotiable for Upfield. We'll explore how identity automation simplifies the complexity of adhering to industry regulations and internal policies, providing robust audit trails and reporting mechanisms. 

  • Future-Proofing for Growth: As Upfield's influence grows, so do its digital demands. The webinar will delve into how identity automation scales effortlessly, adapting to Upfield's evolving needs and fostering the foundation for continued success. 

Learn how Upfield's commitment to a "Better Plant-Based Future" is fortified by the power of automated identity access management. This session offers invaluable lessons in aligning identity management with an ambitious vision for any organization. 


Colin Duffy

Bravura Security

Senior Solutions Sales Engineer

Colin Duffy is the Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales & Channel. For more than 15 years, Colin has established new global partnerships to expand Hitachi ID's Services Delivery to enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformations. Eager to drive leading technology solutions in a competitive and growing market, Colin is passionate about applying technology to solve problems across the enterprise. 

Alet Ferreira



 Alet is a dynamic Identity and Access Management implementation specialist, who brings a wealth of expertise as an accomplished Security Operations Manager. She is proficient in navigating Identity and Access Management Life Cycles, adept at ITIL IT Service Management, and experienced in orchestrating Business and Data analyses. Alet excels in crafting visionary "As Is" and "To Be" Process Designs, shaping robust Solution Designs, and has mastered the art of Stakeholder Management. Her repertoire includes spearheading Information Protection and cutting-edge data loss prevention programs, all underpinned by a strong foundation in information technology and cyber security risk management. 

Empowering Upfield's “Better Plant-Based Future” Through Automated Identity Security

Identity Access Management (IAM) helps safeguard your company's data from unauthorized access and use. A holistic IAM strategy encompasses multiple elements, including:

  • Password management: A robust password management software helps ensure a more secure login process for all employees. Features like password synchronization, authentication, self-service reset, security questions and biometrics help streamline password management. It also minimizes the risk of this information getting into the wrong hands.
  • Identity governance: Identity governance manages digital users and their access throughout their life span with your organization. It consolidates user-centric data throughout systems and directories, ensuring a more comprehensive IAM approach.
  • Role-based access provisioning: Role-based access provisioning accounts for employees' roles within your organization to determine their appropriate level of access. In other words, it aligns their everyday tasks with information access. Employees can only access the data needed for their jobs.

Integrating automated identity software solutions into your operations is a proactive step in improving your IAM efforts. Read on to learn more about how you can accomplish this with the help of Bravura Security.

Life Cycle Automation vs. Identity Governance and Policy Enforcement

To understand the different aspects of automated identity security, we can look at two key processes — Life Cycle Automation (LCA) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA).

Life Cycle Automation

Upon joining a company, new staff members must integrate seamlessly into your business's directory. Each employee has different access privileges based on their designated role and responsibilities. Typically, companies must create and monitor individual accounts for each team member. This can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming.

Not to mention that when someone leaves your organization, the IT team must go through the hassle of deactivating accounts and removing access permissions. Failing to shut down accounts entirely means former team members can still access sensitive company interfaces and data, causing potential security complications.

LCA is a key component of user life cycle management, which involves the full cycle of identity and access management for every employee in a company network. User life cycle management involves administrative applications and features that simplify user management.

One example is self-service web portals that manage access requests from new hires. When a user requests access to a company file or application, the software can automatically determine if they meet the criteria for this permission. That way, it doesn't have to contact your IT department. User life cycle management entails every element of IAM, including user onboarding, management, analytics and offboarding.

With LCA software, you can automate the employee onboarding and removal processes. You can establish a single identity for every user, allowing access based on predetermined settings. New hires can begin their jobs sooner, while your IT staff can allocate their time to other critical tasks.

Identity Governance and Administration

Another essential facet of IAM, IGA software helps your business reduce identity-related access risks more effectively. It automates the development, certification and management of employees' accounts, positions and access rights.

IGA can facilitate password and policy management, user provisioning and access governance within your company. It automates the creation and management of individual user accounts, roles and access rights. That way, you have better visibility over who can access what systems and when.

IGA allows you to achieve a simpler and more secure approach for:

  • User life cycle management
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Governance and compliance
  • Access certifications
  • Password management
  • Risk insight

An effective IGA strategy offers many long-term benefits, including:

  • Heightened organizational security
  • Minimized identity-related risks
  • Streamlined role-based access
  • Increased compliance with industry, government and auditor standards
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

What Are Drivers for Investing in Identity and Privileged Access Solutions?

Bravura Security partnered with Upfield, a plant-based consumer packaged goods company, for Identity and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. Upfield is currently receiving services through Bravura Identity and Bravura Privilege. The company aims to manage the following processes more effectively:

  • Enterprise roles
  • Catalog access
  • More automation for Microsoft Azure and Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP)
  • PAM onboarding automation
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration

Upfield is also looking to implement a password vault. Here are the outcomes this organization achieved by choosing us for identity and privileged access solutions:

  • Identity: Upfield was able to protect 5,000 identities across 60 applications. It successfully created 2,648 accounts, deleted 1,791 accounts and modified 22,597 accounts.
  • Privilege: Upfield was able to protect 2,170 managed accounts across 250 systems. It randomized 21,260 passwords and had 1,008 checkouts.

Challenges Faced Along the Way

Despite the successful outcomes, it's fair to say that both parties endured challenges in this journey:

  • Internal: Upfield experienced a few internal challenges, namely in stakeholder engagement, application owners, HR and third-party service providers.
  • External: Some external challenges included Bravura Security's service delivery maturity and product stability.

What Went Well

Upfield received ongoing personalized support from the Bravura team, “even when they had to go above and beyond with regards to my service provider removing key resources with knowledge about the system.” According to Upfield, “I have never implemented a PAM system in 12 weeks and we did it! I am still shocked today.”

In response to the question, “What influence has a stable and mature identity/privilege program afforded you and the CISO office at the C-Suite, if anything?” they explained, We're a small cyber function. Not many people are aware of the importance of Identity. Our CFO is now aware, as the program has gained visibility and her sponsorship as a result of the governance (who's got access to what) helping drive a role cleanup process and building enterprise roles.”

When we asked Upfield if they would do it again, the company responded, “Yes! Bringing in new, and embarking on Password Safe too.”

Choose Bravura Security as Your IAM and PAM Provider

When operating a medium or large business, consistent and meticulous oversight is a must to protect your company's confidential systems and information. A reliable IGA solution is necessary to support your organization's data and give you the utmost peace of mind. Bravura Security is proud to offer a range of identity and privileged management services all in one robust software.

We can tailor our holistic solutions to align with your company's unique security challenges, risks and requirements. Our team can secure your organization's data with PAM and Cloud-Based Identity Management (IDM) solutions that safeguard your most vulnerable systems, resources and applications.

By partnering with our team for quality IAM and PAM strategies, you can proactively:

  • Prevent data breaches
  • Manage IT costs
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Increase operational efficiency

Discover how our solutions can optimize your cybersecurity landscape and meet your company's needs. For more information about our software, contact us or request a demo today!