Ending Complexity with the New Bravura Cloud


Mastering identity, password governance and privileged access security in digital landscapes now challenged by the profound pace of AI demands more agility, efficiency and simplicity than ever before. This keynote introduces the new Bravura Cloud. Our cloud-native security fabric will allow you to fortify your organization's security posture today and in the future with exceptional usability, scalability and efficiency. Watch our illuminating presentation that delves into unlocking the untapped value in your organization’s security data held within your existing or potential investments in Bravura Pass, Privilege and Identity. Discover how scalability, usability, and efficiency have converged in a modern cloud-native solution to create a comprehensive strategy that addresses the evolving challenges of hybrid IT infrastructure and digital security. 

Watch on-demand the keynote session;  Ending Complexity with the New Bravura Cloud, from our third annual Power Of One Conference. 


Key Highlights

  • Standards-Driven Security Strategy: Offer a standards-based data repository enabling organizations to bring their own user experience, reporting, and even AI.  

  • Scalability – Cloud-Native Deployment Model: Explore how a cloud-native deployment model can revolutionize the way identity and privileged access security are managed. Learn how to seamlessly scale your security framework across your organization, regardless of its size or complexity.  

  • Usability - Open User Experiences: Building on the importance of user-centric design, delve into the significance of an open and inclusive user experience strategy. Discover how simple it can be to create intuitive web, chat, and AI experiences that truly promote productivity and ease of use. 

  • Efficiency – Adding Value to Existing Investments: This webinar will unravel the power of the new APIs and integration points being introduced in Bravura Cloud. Learn how quickly and easily you can empower other areas of your organization with data you already have. Leveraging your existing investments, you have already made in Bravura Pass, Privilege, Safe, and Identity. 

  • Use Cases and Best Practices: Through practical examples, gain insights into how organizations can successfully implement scalable, usable, and efficient identity and privileged access security strategies. Discover actionable takeaways to apply to your own security initiatives. 



Nicholas Brown

Bravura Security


Nick is passionate about providing organizations with the depth and breadth of cybersecurity solutions they need to empower their organizations. Nick comes to Bravura Security with over 25 years of experience in enterprise software with innovative startups and large companies like SAP and Oracle.


Ian Reay

Bravura Security


Ian specializes in providing identity and privileged access management solutions to Fortune 500 enterprises, financial, government, and higher education institutions. With decades of experience, Ian is keenly focused on software development and customer relationship management to meet the challenges organizations face today and in the changing future of cybersecurity. 


Ending Security Complexity With the New Bravura Cloud

It's been quite the year for our company. We were acquired by Volaris Group. We are also excited to introduce our new product, Bravura Cloud. 

Built on our decades of experience in the industry, Bravura Cloud simplifies the modern security ecosystem so you can manage everything in real time without ever leaving the Bravura Security Fabric.

Key Principles of Our Product Offerings

Cybersecurity incidents are happening more frequently to organizations of all sizes, across all industries, all over the globe. And while companies continue to invest in complex digital security tools, the speed at which threats are evolving makes it hard to surface risks quickly and efficiently.

That's why we are building our future product and service offerings around the following principles:

  • Immediate value: Our products unlock the existing value within your system by surfacing valuable data and insights that would have otherwise remained hidden. 
  • User experience: We aim to create a streamlined, secure user experience across all our products so you can delight your end-users.  
  • Standards-driven: Our offerings are built around key cybersecurity and data management standards, ensuring you can integrate data and capabilities wherever you need them.
  • Unification: The Kubernetes platform enables you to manage containerized workloads and services across your cloud environment, creating a uniform experience no matter where someone may be logging in from.

Your organization can keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape by using the Bravura Security fabric and its expanding set of capabilities. You can simplify your cybersecurity strategy and reducyour overall risk.

And now, with Bravura Cloud, you can bring that robust functionality to all levels of your organization. The Bravura Security Fabric can bring rich and detailed operational insights to help guide your decision-making. Surface hidden risks. Prove you're in control.

Introducing Bravura Cloud

When you need a comprehensive data management and security platform, Bravura Cloud will be an effective solution for your organization.

Bravura Cloud focuses on surfacing the value in the data held within Bravura Pass, Privilege, Identity, Safe and OneAuth.

We are creating a security data engine that allows us to power our future by unlocking the value held within our existing products.

Then, over the next two years, we will be bringing new modern experiences and capabilities focused on:

  1. Password governance: Systematic, intelligent password management capabilities enhance identity security. They simplify compliance management, safeguard critical data and maintain secure digital assets.
  2. Centralized entitlements: A single, centralized location for permission and privilege management ensures consistency across your environment. It enables rapid response to changes and supports scalability.
  3. Just-in-Time (JIT) access: Zero-Trust architecture provides users with time-limited permissions only when needed. It creates a system better equipped to adapt to constantly changing access requirements.
  4. Identity behavioral monitoring: Bravura Cloud enhances threat detection by analyzing trends in user behaviors to proactively identify and respond to threats — including insider threats.

These capabilities enable Bravura Cloud to mesh beautifully into the Bravura Security Fabric and expand its reach, further reinforcing your cybersecurity posture and simplifying your overall system. 

The Bravura Cloud Process

We can most effectively explain how Bravura Cloud works with this three-step process.


1. Discovery

Data discovery is one of the most important steps in data security because it gives you a complete understanding of the data you have and how you need to protect it. This deep understanding is essential for:

  • A robust security posture
  • Simplified compliance management
  • Accurate risk scoring
  • Insightful analyses

Bravura Cloud leverages REST APIs, which enable the tool to interact with RESTful web services — cloud-based services that conform to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. Through this interaction, we can extract valuable data from existing instances and import them into Bravura Cloud, unlocking total visibility into your data and cybersecurity environment.

Additionally, bring-your-own-data capabilities enable you to configure your own database using open-source programming languages like GraphQL and SQL. You are the real-time master of your data — Bravura Cloud simply allows you to maximize its power.

2. Visualization

Raw data can be difficult to understand, leading to inaccurate or incomplete insights and holes in your security. Intuitive visualizations — charts, graphs, tables and more — help illustrate the full store of your data so you can take the most informed actions.

We designed the Bravura Cloud platform to provide a simple yet rich UX, with powerful dashboards that allow you to understand your entire data environment at a glance. 

Whether you use Tableau, Excel or Power BI, you can integrate your own Business Intelligence (BI) tools and data services directly into the Bravura Cloud platform for seamless data transfer and analysis. Plus, internet connectivity means your authorized users can access this data from anywhere, on any device.

3. Response

Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity is the most effective way to protect your organization from internal and external threats. Bravura Cloud's built-in threat monitoring and response mechanisms kick in immediately upon detecting a potential threat, significantly reducing your risk of suffering an attack.

Here are some examples of how it works:

  • Notifications: When a threat is detected, the platform will notify users via their preferred communication channel, whether that's email, chat or SMS text.
  • Automated workflows: Bravura Cloud automatically creates service tickets to kickstart threat elimination measures upon detection — which can save your organization thousands in losses by helping you take care of problems faster.
  • Leverage FaaS: As a subset of serverless computing, Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) is a cloud computing service that simplifies security responses by allowing users to execute code without having to manage complex microservices infrastructure. FaaS is highly effective for high-volume workloads, such as data processing and aggregation.

Supported Use Cases

Bravura Cloud is a thoroughly modern solution designed to support advanced use cases and capabilities, such as:

  • Frictionless password management: Combined with the Bravura Security Fabric, Bravura Cloud is a powerful password manager. Built-in automation can randomize your password and retrieve it from Bravura Pass or Bravura Safe for JIT delivery, eliminating the need to remember or create new passwords.  
  • TaaS: Bravura Cloud allows your organization to get access to best-of-breed cybersecurity and data management tools without the associated costs, research and deployment hassle. Your IT requirements will be simpler, but you'll have significantly more advanced software at your disposal.
  • Containerization: Bravura Cloud runs on Kubernetes, which is Google's open-source platform for container management and services. Leverage extensive microservices without needing to navigate the complex infrastructure behind them.