Fast Facts: Advancing Privileged Access Management

Bart Allan

March 23, 2021

Why You Need to Address Modern Business Requirements with PAM

Security breaches of privileged accounts that allow bad actors unrestricted access to the company’s most sensitive data and IT systems can be catastrophic to any business. Increased IT infrastructure complexities and broad distribution of business-critical services have accelerated related vulnerabilities in recent years. 

A recent poll from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), sponsored by Bravura Security, helps organizations identify the most effective methods for privileged access management (PAM) by providing impactful research into the real-world requirements, challenges, and management techniques employed for securing privileged access. 

The findings demonstrate the unfortunate fact that no system is entirely unbreachable. For example, 80% of organizations discovered a privileged access policy violation had occurred in the last year — a staggering figure. We examine the demonstrable need for PAM in today’s modern business environment in our latest Your System Is Not Unbreachable Infographic. Download your copy here.