Driving Continuous Improvement in Identity Management

Bryan Christ

February 23, 2024

In the ever-evolving digital landscape of higher education, securing access to IT services is paramount. The role of a Director of Identity is to ensure that lifecycle management and access policies not only support the institution's academic success and business readiness but also drive continuous improvement. Identity Security leaders need the time and resources to innovate, close gaps, and monitor progress in real-time. 

A Panoramic View for the Director of Identity 

Imagine a scenario where the Director of Identity is tasked with delivering secure, timely, and seamless access to a digital campus. This individual must develop and refine lifecycle management policies that align with the institution's mission and facilitate business readiness. With Bravura Cloud, the Director gains an expansive view of the identity environment, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous enhancement. 

Harness Strategic Insights for Enhanced Security Automation 

Bravura Cloud equips the Director of Identity with advanced tools for discovery, gap analysis, prioritization, and reporting. The platform's in-depth analytics inform decision-making, while its flexible policy enforcement tools guarantee a better user experience for all stakeholders. Through a unified dashboard, the Director can oversee the entire identity inventory, ensuring lifecycle policies are in alignment and identifying any gaps that may exist. 

Achieve Strategic Supervision 

  • Consolidated Command Center: Obtain a detailed overview of identities within your educational institution, managed with unparalleled precision. 
  • Sophisticated Analytical Tools: Gain valuable insights into compliance with lifecycle policies and identify areas for enhancement. 
  • Commitment to Open Standards: Benefit from a suite of APIs and management tools that adhere to well-adopted industry standards for policy enforcement. 
  • Flexible Affiliation Management: Tailor your identity and permission configurations to accurately cater to the diverse ecosystem of your academic environment. 

Implement a Strategic Identity Management Blueprint 

  • Panoramic Institutional View: Our dashboard presents a comprehensive snapshot of your institution's ability to provide secure, streamlined, and uninterrupted identity services. 
  • Enhancement Targeting: Uncover compliance discrepancies to devise focused improvement strategies and risk mitigation plans. 
  • AI Compatibility: Embrace an AI-ready infrastructure built on open standards, allowing administrators to efficiently tackle routine tasks using Generative AI. 
  • Inclusive Campus Dynamics: Deploy customizable identity guidelines that promote a culture of respect and inclusivity for all campus members. 
  • Strategic Governance Facilitation: Leverage the platform's insights and tools to continually refine your approaches to identity and access governance, ensuring strategic alignment with institutional goals. 

Mastering Your IGA Program as An Identity Security Leader 

As a leader in Identity, imagine being able to log into Bravura Cloud and land on the Affiliation Overview dashboard. Here, key performance indicators for affiliations are immediately visible, offering insights into the percentage of identities governed by clear policies and spotlighting any unaffiliated identities. The leader can track changes over time, gaining a clear understanding of the current identity foundation. 

With the ability to delve into specific identities, the leader can click on an individual record to navigate its history through both the dashboard and the inventory view. This granular approach allows for a detailed analysis of each identity's journey, highlighting areas for continuous improvement. 

Through Bravura Cloud, you can confidently oversee and refine the institution's identity management policies, ensuring they are always aligned with the dynamic needs of the academic environment. This platform is more than a tool; it's a strategic partner in the quest for a secure, efficient, and compliant digital campus. 

Revolutionizing Identity Security in Universities and Colleges with Bravura Cloud 

Digital transformation within higher education has been rapid and profound, changing the way institutions operate and secure their data. With the introduction of the Bravura Security Fabric, we are at the forefront of this evolution, providing innovative solutions that enhance security and streamline operations across campuses worldwide. Today, we invite you to explore how Bravura Cloud is reshaping the digital landscape of academia. 

Welcome to the Bravura Cloud Experience 

As we embark on this journey, prepare to experience the simplicity and robust security of Bravura Cloud's passwordless entry. This feature exemplifies our commitment to safeguarding access while ensuring a seamless user experience. It's just one of the many ways we're modernizing the approach to digital campus security. 

Analytics Dashboard: Your Institutional Health Check 

Step into the world of our analytics dashboard, where robust metrics offer a comprehensive view of your institution's identity system health. These insights are not just numbers—they tell a story of operational efficiency and potential areas for enhancement. For instance, if user provisioning is lagging, the analytics dashboard quantifies this delay, transforming it from a security concern into an actionable opportunity for improvement. It's about making security a compelling investment for institutional enablement, one that resonates with decision-makers at all levels. 

Affiliation Dashboard: A Director's Strategic Tool 

Dive into the dedicated affiliation dashboard, tailored for those who oversee identity management in colleges, universities, and other institutions of learning. This specialized interface provides powerful insights into affiliation trends and compliance, streamlining the academic experience. It's here that you'll uncover key metrics, such as the growth of your user base and the distribution of affiliations. But beyond the numbers, the platform brings to light a crucial list—individuals who lack proper affiliations. This feature serves as an early warning system, flagging potential policy violations and initiating timely remediation. 

Interactive Insights: From Analysis to Action 

Equipped with these insights, corrective actions are just a click away. With intuitive action links, you can reset passwords, update identity details, or open support tickets with ease. This interactive feature ensures that insights quickly translate into actions, strengthening your institution's security framework. 

Faculty Affiliation Analysis: Ensuring Academic Excellence 

Our focus shifts to faculty affiliation, a critical aspect of academic integrity. Here, we scrutinize access policies, ensuring that faculty members have the necessary resources for teaching and research.  

Password Policy Challenges: A Closer Look 

We've identified an area of concern—password policy adherence. This insight, derived from our extensive compliance rule library, triggers an examination of users and groups to detect potential vulnerabilities. Scrolling further, we delve into the details of our password policy challenges. Trend reports reveal a concerning pattern, indicating that adherence has been a persistent struggle. With the option to download a list of individuals not meeting the compliance rule, you can facilitate a collaborative approach to resolving these issues. 

Policy Management Control Room: Crafting Compliance 

We arrive at the policy management control room. It's a centralized hub where compliance rules are not just monitored but actively shaped and refined. Our embrace of open standards, such as the Open Policy Agent, ensures that policy integration is seamless and effective. 

API-First Strategy: Enabling Real-Time Integration 

With Bravura Cloud's API-first strategy, every feature and functionality you encounter is accessible via APIs. These APIs are crucial for subscribing to real-time notifications of identity lifecycle events and compliance rule failures, enabling swift integration with your existing security products as you enhance your identity threat detection and response capabilities. 

The Future of Identity Security in Academia 

Identity Security leaders have the potential to revolutionize security within higher education with the right programs and tools. Our platform is designed to adapt to the unique challenges of academic institutions, offering tailored solutions that prioritize security and operational efficiency to empower academia.