Combat Ransomware With Bravura Security Fabric

Ian Reay

December 17, 2020

In the age of digital transformation, protecting employees and users against cyberattacks and ransomware threats is increasingly difficult but also more crucial than ever. Organizations face a constantly evolving and costly cyberattack landscape. In 2019, they spent an estimated $11.5 billion on ransomware attack recovery and this year, IBM projects data breaches will cost affected businesses around the world an average of $3.86 million each. Furthermore, the latest forecasts for global ransomware damage costs are expected to reach $20 billion by 2021.

It’s apparent the world of security is getting increasingly more costly and complex. When we used to think about organizational security, we were only concerned with our employees — whether they be in finance, operations, engineering, or supply chain. Today, when we evaluate security, we must also factor our customers and partners into the equation. We are seeing an explosion of identities across the security landscape and many organizations have adapted by weaving a complex web of identities and relationships into their network infrastructures. However, this complicated structure is still vulnerable to risk and attack.

Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks

As usage grows in complexity, businesses have traditionally tried to secure their systems through siloed individual technologies from different companies that have disparate architectures, different connectors, and multiple administrative screens. But when put to the test, these siloed solutions are not protecting organizational networks and leading to billions in damages not to mention irrevocable brand damage.

Interwoven legacy and disparate solutions aren’t the answer. Instead, many organizations are opting to weave in patterns of functionality with one solution — the Bravura Security Fabric — to protect against continual and evolving threats.

The beauty of the Bravura Security Fabric is that it’s a singular platform for identity, privilege access, and password and group management. It offers mature automation and detection, governance and compliance, and analytics and reporting capabilities all in one solution. Through the platform, organizations can simplify vendor selection and program deployment and streamline service level agreements and lower overall cost.

With a singular security platform, people, edge devices, network, system preferences, and data are all all under one umbrella. All layers are interconnected so changes you make to one layer or vertical will reverberate across the entirety of your organization’s systems and infrastructures. This ability makes implementing updates and security more efficient and cost effective. Moreover, these deployments can be fine-tuned to fit your customized needs whether that be SaaS, on-premise implementation, private cloud, or mix ‘n’ match hybrids.

Additionally, as an organization uncovers new threats or as its roadmap evolves, it allows you to turn services on or off as needed without installing other products. This potential offers turn-key customization and quick as-needed changes that a patchwork of distinct solutions simply cannot provide. Furthermore, it combats automated attacks with security automation to win against hackers and provide continual protection to secure your systems faster and more effectively than access certification and individual products.

With a singular security fabric, you can achieve some quick wins in increasing cybersecurity. Start with simple password management. Vault your shared credentials. Review all the current entitlements. Doing those undemanding things well will provide you with an immediate return on investment. Then over time, grow into more comprehensive, mature, and automated approaches. Often small changes have outsized gains when dealing with adversaries. But the critical thing here is to look at your threats comprehensively and tackle your most serious threats in priority order instead of which products you may have purchased:

  • Password policies and periodic changes with Bravura Pass
  • Vaulting and managing administrative credentials with Bravura Privilege
  • Reducing peoples unnecessary access through your organization with Bravura Identity

Watch the webinar from our Power of One Summit to learn more about how the Bravura Security Fabric can singularly transform your digital identity and access security culture.