A Winning Security Formula: Bravura Discover and Automation

Colin Duffy

February 23, 2021

On average, it takes 280 days to identify and contain a data breach, according to the latest data from IBM’s “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020.” Add the increase in malicious attacks, which now account for more than half of data breaches, plus the impact of a mostly remote workforce and it’s a recipe for a potential identity and access management (IAM) disaster. With the global average total cost of a data breach now coming in at just under $4 million, companies literally can’t afford not to modernize & evolve their access management programs. 

Now, here’s the good news: security automation solutions are already responding to this problem by using AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to get ahead of vulnerabilities and avoid catastrophic breaches. In fact, by 2022, Gartner predicts 50% of identity governance and admin (IGA) vendors will offer predictive technologies. That’s up from less than 15% today. 

A Reliable Security Solution That Works

With so much at risk, organizations need a reliable solution that works for IT teams and end-users. Businesses are already avoiding and eliminating data breaches with Bravura Discover, an automation first approach to identity and access. As an integral layer of the Bravura Security Fabric, Bravura Discover provides powerful risk and threat assessment that goes beyond surface vulnerabilities to help businesses get and stay ahead of cybersecurity threats with an arsenal of critical capabilities.

Complete Risk and Threat Assessment

To prevent system breaches, organizations need a deep & wide reaching solution. Bravura Discover scans systems at-scale to discover accounts, groups, nested entitlements, and metadata beyond Windows and Linux to uncover critical and hidden vulnerabilities.

Bravura Discover’s capabilities ensure security is an ongoing process that begins with identifying access risk & potential vulnerabilities. From the right business stakeholders can make informed decisions on how to modify impacted identity and access processes and remediate the discovered risks. It’s imperative that the output of Bravura Discover feeds into identity process automation change or the detected risks will simply surface again as a result of bad business processes going unaddressed.

Proactive IAM and PAM Governance Reduces Risk

As ransomware attacks continue to increase, controlling who has access to critical systems and networks is a top priority for all businesses. With the most comprehensive and  in-depth risk and threat assessment, complete with resolution recommendations, Bravura Discover quickly reveals identity and privileged access risks and threats. 

Its data- and metrics-driven ecosystem gives businesses proactive control with recommended automation driven fixes to solve security vulnerabilities quickly. By closing the loop between detection & automated remediation, organizations are able to respond quicker and keep systems secure.

Secure Automation That Scales

To achieve ongoing cybersecurity success, it’s crucial organizations have a solution that can easily grow with them. Bravura Discover’s mature connector library simplifies scaling, allowing businesses to quickly protect and confidently expand coverage to  tens of thousands of systems. When you couple Bravura Discover with Bravura Identity and/or Bravura Privilege to turn actionable insights into automated remediation & mitigation, you can begin to level the playing field against evasive attackers. 

A Step Ahead With One Simple Solution

The ultimate goal is to provide end users seamless access to the data and resources they need without exposing the business  to vulnerabilities. To achieve this, organizations need a cohesive access management ecosystem that truly covers every piece of their hybrid IT environment. The integrated Bravura Security Fabric provides this required depth & reach, so no layer needs to be left unprotected. 

As part of the Bravura Security Fabric, Bravura Discover, along with Identity, Privilege, Pass, and Group offer technological and architectural building blocks with decades of reliability to protect, manage, and protect your entire digital identity and access infrastructure from malicious attackers.

You can learn more about Bravura Discover and how organizations can get ahead of hackers with automation in our recent webinar, now available on demand: A Winning Cybersecurity Formula to Reduce Risk