3 Signs Your Zero Trust Solution Provider Is a Trusted Advisor

Bryan Christ

June 7, 2021

To achieve cybersecurity success, organizations need more than the right technology platform — they need experts they can rely on to keep their systems protected and who are ready to advise and act quickly in the event of a breach. 

As Zero Trust (based on not automatically trusting anything inside or outside of the system) becomes more and more essential, finding both a trusted solution and a trusted partner in one place may seem like a daunting task, but it’s a critical component for long-term cybersecurity success.

How can you spot one? Be on the lookout for these telltale signs:

1. The Solution Truly Suits Your Cybersecurity Needs

No two organizations are exactly alike. Some will be further down their ZT journey than others. As an iterative set of projects, a trusted advisor will help guide your organization to the next step as you strive for greater operational maturity. This guidance means focusing on the products and solutions that matter instead of things that may distract you from a laser-focused ZT vision.

For example, if your primary focus is identity and access management (IAM), being set up with a wideband solution that offers too many capabilities (at first) may confuse your transformation. That’s why it’s essential to have an advisor who is there every step of the journey to help you strategically light up the pieces along the way when the timing is ready.

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2. The Flexibility to Scale Up or Scale Down as Needed

The cybersecurity solution you have today may not be the cybersecurity solution you need tomorrow. Imagine facing either a slow-down or sudden, rapid growth, with all of the tasks either situation requires and having to add “find a new cybersecurity solution” to your to-do list. A trusted cybersecurity advisor lets your needs take the lead — working with you to find a solution that seamlessly scales up or down with your business, as well as helping you through the process when the time arrives.

3. Reliable, Accessible, Ongoing Support

The most apparent sign your cybersecurity solution provider is a trusted advisor? Not only do they provide the technology but they also provide the support for your organization to optimize it. That means not vanishing once implementation is complete and providing support that delivers what it promises.

What sets a trusted advisor apart is that they go beyond a traditional support line by offering a comprehensive and studied response to each issue that may arise with a special-ops squad tailored to your goals. As a result, your organization should continually feel confident in your cybersecurity solution, knowing there’s a team of experts to turn to with any questions or challenges that arise.

The Unbreakable Bonds of Cybersecurity

Maintaining a secure environment is more challenging than ever, and organizations need cybersecurity solutions to protect against those ever-growing threats. However, technology is only half the battle. To navigate this cyber threat landscape, companies need to know their Zero Trust solutions aren’t just providing the technology, but the know-how and support to back it up.

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