10 Reasons to Love Bravura Security Fabric

Bruce Macdonald

May 5, 2021

In its latest cybersecurity trends for 2021, Gartner revealed that while organizations understand the need to invest in strong security, many are prioritizing the digital transformation budget over security initiatives.

Security is as much a part of digital transformation as the move to the cloud, and organizations need to stop being distracted by bright shiny objects and start getting enthusiastic about cybersecurity solutions. That includes the Bravura Security Fabric, which brings together IAM, PAM, end-user password management, federation and more into one security solution.

Streamlined Security Architecture Has a Lot to Get Excited About

1. Easy to Set Up Target Connections

Integrations are essential for strong security architecture, but they can be complicated to configure and unreliable. That’s a real problem when the security of your system is on the line. The Bravura Security Fabric offers an enormous collection of connectors and connector-specific interfaces to build the connection. You can test credentials and listing functionality immediately, saving time and eliminating complexity.

2. Adaptive Authentication Functionality

Bravura Security Fabric includes a mechanism for authenticating users called authentication chains. This mechanism works by defining sequences of steps that can be used to authenticate a user and defining how the authentication process proceeds from one step to the next.

For example, if you’re logging in from an unknown IP address at 3:00 am – the system can automatically alter the authentication methods you’re subject to. No support, no forms, just automated adaptive authentication. 

Bonus: Bravura Security Fabric supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) out of the box.

3. Multi-master, Active-Active Architecture

Bravura Security Fabric includes built-in data replication between servers. Data replication between the servers occurs in real-time – all updates to one server’s database are queued up and sent to other (peer) servers as well. If a peer server is unavailable, database updates are automatically retried when the server becomes available again.

This multi-master, active-active architecture, eliminates the need for SQL replication and allows organizations to ensure their most critical assets are always highly available.

4. Blended Solutions in One Product

The entire Bravura Security Fabric exists on one common codebase. This means that features and functions normally only available within one license (Bravura Identity, Privilege, Pass, Group) can easily be made available to others. This streamlined, efficient system allows you to build a ‘solution’ rather than just buy a ‘product’.

5. The Mobile App

The Bravura One app for Android/iOS adds even more convenience for users. With no public URL required (a big drawback for many mobile and on-prem apps), users can easily reset passwords, approve requests, unlock encrypted hard drives, and more. In addition, it functions as a security token — the web login screen renders a cryptographic challenge as a QR code, which the user scans with their phone to compute and send back a response code. Best of all, no extra cost!

6. Intercept Access Denied Messages

Any feature that can eliminate calls to the help desk is a bonus. Bravura Security Fabric can intercept Windows “access denied” error messages and present an expanded message which allows users to open a web browser to the Bravura Security Fabric application, where they can request membership in the appropriate AD group. This connects the end-user with the business owner and eliminates IT as the “middleman” in the discussion.

7. Self-service Anywhere

Self-service technology is essential. If you’ve ever had to return a laptop to the corporate office just to reset a password, you’ll understand why. With so many workers operating from home now, these everyday challenges need an easy to deploy and easy-to-use solution. Bravura Security Fabric delivers.

8. Link Many Operations to One

For activities that typically need to happen together (e.g. home directory, email, etc.), IT teams are able to easily link those requests together via a child operations feature. One parent request (hire this user) can spawn off many child requests (create an email, set up a home directory, provision a laptop, etc).

9. Policy Tables (No Flow Charts)

If you’ve ever been tasked to draw flowcharts for every possible business case, you know the simple truth: This process does not scale. A graphical workflow system cannot represent processes with a variable number of branches. For example, if an access request requires multiple authorizers, but the number of authorizers is not known in advance, then there is no way to represent the process in a flowchart. That’s why Bravura Security relies on the power of policy rule tables to ensure use cases are represented in a format that can grow with your company. 

10. Session Recording

Bravura Privilege can be configured to record screen video, keyboard input, and other data while users are connected to login sessions using privileged accounts. Session recordings may be archived indefinitely and may serve a variety of purposes, ranging from knowledge sharing and training to forensic audits. In Bravura Privilege this is not an add-on as is frequently the case with other PAM products.

Get Excited About Cybersecurity

No digital transformation is complete without a strong security solution backing it up. As organizations continue to advance their technology, they can’t afford to leave cybersecurity as an afterthought. 

Learn more about the Bravura Security Fabric and the ways it’s transforming how organizations approach security in our recent webinar: 

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