Cessna Aircraft Company

Uses Bravura Pass To Enable Self-Service Password Reset

The Challenge

Supporting over 7500 employees and five major corporate applications, Cessna's IT help desk was inundated with password reset calls. Cessna required a password management system to alleviate the stress. It needed to reduce password reset frequency and push resolution to a self-service model.

Not all users had accounts on all systems. Moreover, although most employees had email, some did not, so communication channels outside of email were also needed to educate employees about the new solution and how to self manage their own passwords.

The Solution

Cessna licensed Bravura Pass to resolve its password reset challenges, improve employee experience and reduce calls to the help desk. Cessna selected Bravura Pass for two main reasons including ease of use and rapid deployment.

Its self-service feature means users are empowered to resolve their own password problems. Rapid deployment, using features such as auto-discovery, expedites deployment and enables early return on investment.

A Bravura Security feature called transparent synchronization eases the migration of users from old systems to new infrastructure. To maximize user adoption, Cessna developed Q&A profiles and sent out follow-up emails to prompt users who forgot to enroll for transparent synchronization.

The Outcome

With an average of 230 new team members signed up daily, Cessna enrolled one hundred per cent of the 7500 users in two months. A post-deployment analysis led Cessna project leaders to conclude that they could have actually completed enrollment in less time with a few modifications like ensuring transparent synchronization was promoted earlier on.

With the successful user adoption of Bravura Pass, Cessna's parent company, Textron Enterprises, decided to roll-out the Bravura Pass solution in all other divisions. Bell Helicopters, for example, used the same user enrollment strategy as Cessna.

Initially 21,030 Textron Enterprise employees were using Bravura Pass with more added each additional year.

Using Bravura Pass as their total password management solution, Cessna IT improved customer satisfaction. With fewer passwords for employees to remember and a way for employees to troubleshoot and reset their own passwords on demand, the number of password reset calls to the help desk declined.

Bravura Security at a Glance

Bravura Security is the only industry leader delivering identity and privileged access management across a single platform to ease implementation as your IAM and PAM roadmaps evolve.

"It was key to work closely with the his is one of the first corporate communications department first," says Terri Root. "They were integral in the roll-out and communicating the benefits of Bravura Pass to the rest of the organization."

— Terri Root, Project Leader, Cessna