Bravura Patterns

Preconfigured business processes and policies, to quickly deliver rich IAM automation using Bravura Security Fabric.

Traditional identity access and management (IAM) tools present many challenges for companies that want to implement them. Some businesses have issues with management buy-in. Others have short-sighted perspectives on future growth or unrealistic timeline expectations. User resistance to new technology is another common issue, often resulting from a lack of training support to increase adoption.

Bravura Patterns offers a swift, straightforward solution to modernize IAM strategies.

Standardizing IAM Business Processes

Bravura Security offers multiple editions of Bravura Patterns -- each of which is an implementation of Bravura Security Fabric for a specific type of organization and feature set.

The objective of Bravura Security Fabric Patterns is to minimize the time, cost and risk of Identity and access management (IAM) system deployment. Instead of spending months with consultants to document existing processes, adjust them and then implement automation on a "clean slate" system. Bravura Security recommends discarding old, inefficient processes, adopting best practices and implementing a full set of IAM processes in just a few days. Identity Express can reduce the total cost of IAM system deployment by 80% to 90%.

Bravura Patterns helps organizations achieve positive results quickly and then prioritizes what product features and integrations, which may not yet be incorporated into the configuration, to deploy next.


Simplified implementation by discarding old, inefficient processes and adopting best practices instead.


Reduces the total cost and time required for IAM deployment by up to 80%.


Minimize the need to design, optimize and debug custom processes. Simplify version upgrades.

Bravura Patterns

One of the primary features of Bravura Patterns is its advanced technology for automated IAM. Today's enterprises find their user identity bases growing with digital proxies for customers, team members and edge devices on the Internet of Things. An IAM automation solution offers more efficient and effective management for all those entities.

Bravura Patterns isn't just any IAM automation platform, though. It goes above and beyond automating identity access and management with all the functionality and protection of the Bravura Security Fabric, including:

It's a complete solution you can implement quickly and depend on for security, consistency and adoption.

Preconfigured IAM Policy

IAM policies allow authorized users to perform specific system actions when their identities include the privileges for the action.

Our preconfigured IAM policies include the required approvals for certain actions based on the roles and responsibilities you define. Automating this process eliminates the need for your IT team to manually configure identity policies. In turn, that reduces the risks of over-provisioning and human error that can cause unauthorized access or unplanned downtime.

Preconfigured Permission Sets

Preconfigured permission sets complement your preconfigured IAM policy in Bravura Patterns. You define the permissions belonging to a digital persona that reflects actual roles and tasks in your organization. Doing so allows for automated consistency across the enterprise and lets users focus on their work rather than managing their access.

These permission sets also support the principle of least privilege, enhancing your overall security posture and reinforcing compliance.

Learning Resources

Deepen administrator knowledge with our comprehensive training courses. We offer classes on each facet of Bravura Security Fabric, including optional certifications. Our learning resources will help your team feel confident in navigating our technology so you can get the most out of it.

Benefits of Bravura Patterns

Replacing legacy IAM processes with Bravura Patterns has the following advantages over custom IAM implementations:

  • Optimized IAM processes: The business processes codified in a particular Bravura Patterns have been optimized for fast service and robust internal controls, improving on the legacy processes in most organizations.
  • Complete functionality: When implementing a custom IAM system, organizations can only automate one or two processes at a time. Most start with onboarding, deactivation or access reviews and only later automate transfers, leaves of absence, name changes, rehire detection, etc. In contrast, Identity Express allows organizations to automate a comprehensive set of identity lifecycle processes up front.
  • Rapid IAM deployment: By adopting a preconfigured set of processes and policies, organizations minimize deployment risk, reduce implementation cost and shorten time to value.
  • Quicker user access: With powerful automation tools in our platform, your organization can prevent approval bottlenecks. You can give digital identities the resources and system access they need to be productive workers, data generators or valuable customers sooner.
  • Higher return on investment: More value is one of the most significant benefits of automated IAM with Bravura Patterns. Your IT team can focus on driving system improvements rather than devoting time to outdated manual processes for identity management.

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