Standard Training Option

Formal training for Bravura Security products.

Bravura Security is pleased to offer Standard training that contains:

Standard Training

1-year access to Bravura Security Fabric course
1-year  access to a product-specific course 
2 months Virtual lab environment access
1 product-specific certification of your choice

Optional Add-Ons* 

$$ - 1 year access to a second product-specific course
$$ - Certification test and call for a product specific course
$$ - 1 month access to Virtual lab environment
(available for purchase for a second product-specific course and/or for an extension of a current training VM environment)

*Contact a Bravura Security account manager for add-on details and pricing.

For any questions about training or registrations, please contact

Course Access Start and End Dates

Access to Bravura Security Fabric and product-specific course materials is provided through an LMS platform, Moodle, for 1 year from the registration date. Registered students are provided a URL with login details via email after the registration is verified and processed. This process takes on average 3 - 5 business days. The date the Moodle introductory email is sent to the student becomes their start date.

End dates are determined by the registration start date and are set to be the last day of the same month in the following year. For example, if a student has a start date of July 13th, 2023, their end date will be July 3lst, 2024. Likewise, if a student has a start date of September 5th, 2023 their end date will be September 30th, 2024.


Virtual Lab Environment Access

Self-paced courses come with Virtual Machines (VMs) that provide a virtual environment for students to complete self-paced labs. This delivers a valuable hands-on learning experience. Access to virtual machine lab environments is achieved through Guacamole. URL and login credentials are provided to registered students via email the day before the selected start date in the form. 

Bravura Security requires a minimum of five business days' notice to complete setup requirements for a selected Virtual lab environment start date. Any registrations submitted within five business days of the selected start date will be automatically given the next available training lab environment start date.

Access to VM lab environments is provided for:

  • 1 month for the Bravura Security Fabric course
  • Additional 1 month for the selected product-specific courses
  • Additional 1 month for the certification test
    Certifications not included in Basic Training.

Please complete the form below for each student you register for Standard Training.
Once the form is submitted, a payment link will be provided where you can pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover). If you would like to pay via PO, a different credit card type or another method, please reach out to your account manager.

When you register for a product-specific course, your students will be registered for both the introductory Bravura Security Fabric and the selected product-specific training course.  Students are to start in the Bravura Security Fabric course and then move on to their product-specific course.

 If your students have been registered for a second product course through an account manager, the Bravura Security Fabric course only needs to be completed once. The student will start directly in the second product-specific course after completing their first product-specific course.

Registration is subject to approval by Bravura Security. If any errors in your registration are discovered, Bravura Security will contact the Work Email and Work Phone Number provided.

Standard Registration