Customer training course

Formal customer training for Bravura Security product administrators.

Bravura Security is pleased to offer self-paced online training courses for version 12.2 Bravura Pass, 12.3 Bravura Privilege and 12.4 Bravura Identity.

Registration is subject to approval by Bravura Security.

Bravura Security is unable to process registrations less than five business days prior to training. Any registrations submitted after the five day deadline period will be automatically registered for the next available training session.

Please complete the form below for each student you are registering for the: Customer Training Course.

When you register for a product specific course, you will automatically be registered and start in the introductory Bravura Security Fabric 12.2 training course.  The Bravura Security Fabric course only needs to be completed once. Registering for a second product course will mean you start directly in the product specific course.

If any errors in your registration are discovered, Bravura Security will contact the Work Email and Work Phone Number provided.

Registration Form