Modernize Your Identity and Privileged Access Program

Higher Education

Complimentary Zero Trust Offer

Identity Access Management & Governance Assessment


Get a roadmap for your modern identity management and governance program, based on a zero trust architecture, from our partner, Identity Works:

  • Work through the ten step process of selecting a technology vendor to update your solution 
  • Review the benefits and challenges of your existing legacy or homegrown implementation, or implementation that is no longer meeting your needs
  • Get recommendations to get your identity and access management program on track
  • Get actionable steps on how to establish your requirements and plan your projects to achieve incremental steps that are highest visibility, highest impact, and give your institution the biggest bang for its buck
  • Understand how to implement a zero trust architecture to reduce your cybersecurity risk and protect against ransomware attacks


Complete the form and we will follow up to get started on an assessment with your institution or provide additional details for your team.

Identity Works

Identity Works provides Higher Education Institutions with expert-level implementation services for identity and access management software, including upgrades or building out new functionality. Identity Works prides itself on building knowledge transfer into all engagement stages and empowers institutions with self-sufficient identity management programs.



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