Identity Security 2.0: Unleashing the Unprecedented Power of ChatGPT


Watch on-demand an enlightening webinar, delve into the emerging threats posed by ChatGPT and its profound impact on the world of identity security.

As the world witnesses the proliferation of advanced artificial intelligence technologies of ChatGPT, the need for vigilant identity security strategies has never been more crucial.

Discover the cutting-edge potential and resulting cause for concern of ChatGPT as we delve into the dark underbelly of ChatGPT and expose the vulnerabilities it can introduce to your identity security strategy. From locking down the basic tenants of identity security to enhanced authentication protocols, we will highlight the risks associated with this powerful technology, empowering identity security professionals to stay one step ahead of cyber threats proactively. 

During this interactive webinar, our experts share insights, examples, and strategies to apply to your current identity maturity and strategy to safeguard your organization. Learn how to unlock the immediate action items and long-term strategies to fortify your organization’s identity security.

Key Takeaways

  • Unveil hidden risks introduced by ChatGPT and understand how it can exploit identity security vulnerabilities.
  • Explore practical techniques to identify and stop malicious activities fueled by ChatGPT, including impersonation, data breaches, and social engineering.
  • Gain practical tips and actionable strategies to incrementally increase your organization’s identity maturity to protect against threats.

Expedite your journey toward becoming an unstoppable force in protecting your organization’s identity security.


Bryan Christ


Bryan Christ

Bravura Security

Sales Engineer

Bryan specializes in security and access governance. For more than twenty years, he has focused on open-source and software development opportunities with an emphasis on project management, team leadership, and executive oversight including experience as  a VCIO in the Greater Houston area. He was recently published in Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal.

Jim Skidmore


Jim Skidmore


Vice President, Solutions Group

Jim, a consultative Solutions Executive, help clients implement on-prem and cloud based SAAS Solutions to achieve desired outcomes across cybersecurity, compliance and risk management, IoT, and AI. Jim has consulting experience in a variety technical disciplines including eradicating compliance issues.