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One challenge that makes all of the unique hurdles that universities and colleges face even more difficult to overcome is budgets. Even as cyberattacks in higher education continue to rise, the investment in protecting against them remains insufficient. It’s a no-win situation with strapped IT teams doing what they can with what they’re given. As long as schools are expected to do more with less, they need to prioritize as best they can, and focus on the most critical components of their cybersecurity program. With the pandemic aggravating existing budget pressures on many universities and colleges, now is the time to work on budget strategies to grow out of lingering fiscal challenges.

Bravura Security can help you:

  • Educate your divisional and institutional stakeholder team
  • Make practical budgeting decisions to draft your budget request for capital and internal budget reviews in the fall
  • Save with special education pricing to accommodate operating, capital, one-time, strategic/special budgets and even budget sharing
  • Advise on how to shift IT spend from capital to operating expenses with more affordable software-as-a-service plans  

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