Too Many Passwords

Reduce the number of passwords that users must remember and manage.

Business Challenge

Users have too many passwords and populate too many login prompts. Since they have trouble remembering many passwords, users respond by:

  • Writing down their passwords.
  • Choosing easy-to-remember (and easy-to-guess) passwords.
  • Reusing old passwords.
  • Avoiding password changes.

Each of these responses compromises cost or security.

Bravura Pass Solution

Bravura Pass helps users more effectively manage their credentials by:

  • Providing federated single sign-on, to reduce the frequency of login prompts.
  • Synchronizing passwords, so that users have fewer to remember.
  • Prompting users to change passwords at reasonable times -- at the start of the workday rather than before going home, for example.
  • Enforcing a strong password policy.

Bravura Pass reduces the login burden on users: fewer passwords and fewer prompts while improving security and lowering IT support costs.