High IT Support Call Volume

Reduce the volume of IT support calls due to login problems -- intruder lockouts and forgotten passwords, PINs and encryption keys.

Business Challenge

Up to 40% of the call volume in a typical IT help desk is caused by users who forget their password or accidentally trigger an intruder lockout. While these incidents are inexpensive to resolve, their volume can easily represent 20% to 30% of total IT support costs.

Any organization wishing to reduce IT support cost or to redirect expenditures from routine break/fix calls to more value-added services must first address this problem.

Bravura Pass Solution

  • Bravura Pass can synchronize user passwords, which can eliminate up to 80% of problems experienced by users.
  • Bravura Pass can pre-empt password expiry and prompt users to change passwords on days and at times when they are less likely to forget their new password. This can eliminate 50% of password problems.
  • Bravura Pass includes self-service password reset, which allows users to resolve their own problems without calling the help desk.
  • Bravura Pass allows the help desk to resolve remaining password-related calls much more quickly than before.

Using Bravura Pass, organizations can eliminate 90% or more of password-related IT support costs.