Survey: IT & Security Leaders Embrace Automated IAM Too Late

July 26, 2021

CALGARY, Alberta – July 26, 2021 – While many IT leaders use technology to continuously monitor their environment for identity access management cybersecurity risks, almost 100 percent have yet to put technology in place to proactively identify security risks.  A recent survey conducted by Gartner on behalf of Bravura Security focused on exploring the gaps that exist within the current technology stacks of IT organizations and how automation is aiding their cybersecurity defenses. 

Ransomware and cyber attacks have surged over the past year due to a variety of factors – including the work-from-home boom which resulted in new security risks and increasing irrelevance of traditional security perimeters. As businesses prepare for the post-pandemic economy and lay plans to return to the office, it’s becoming increasingly clear that hybrid work models are here to stay. As a result, IT and security leaders must re-think and re-prioritize their cybersecurity needs due to the rising risk of threats to their data. 

“When it comes to security breaches, time is never on your side” said Nicholas Brown, CEO at Bravura Security. “And with the rising threat of cyber attacks, organizations can no longer afford to take a reactive approach to their cybersecurity postures. They must be proactive.  At Bravura Security, we’re helping IT leaders address this urgency with automated identity access management solutions to stay ahead of breaches and identify and address threats before an attack.”

Other survey findings include: 

  • 100% of IT executives believe discovering and mitigating identity and access threats is a pain point for their IT department’s resources.
  • 98% of IT executives say COVID-19 has accelerated the need to improve cybersecurity
  • 99% of IT executives don't have complete visibility into their organization's identity and access vulnerabilities and the success of their remediation efforts.
  • None of the respondents have completely automated identity access management processes, while 60% say only up to half of their processes are automated. 
  • 68% of IT executives use an automated solution once they’ve discovered a threat.

Pulse polled 100 IT executives across North America and EMEA at small, mid-sized, and enterprise companies. For more data from the survey, view the infographic here.

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